Thursday 10 February 2011

Review: Nicole Scherzinger "Don't Hold Your Breath "

Dont hold your breath
Nicole Scherzinger in the video for Dont hold your breath.

 Nicole Dont hold your breath
Nicole Scherzinger is back with new single Don't Hold Your Breath and ironically its quite an apt title for anyone expecting amazing things from it.

The song is essentially an underwhelming, mid-tempo, electro-pop fluff of a track that lyrically deals with Nicole telling an ex-partner not to hold their breath about her reconciling the relationship.

The vocals in the verses find Nicole maintaining a pleasant, earthy mid to low range, talk-singing type technique; whereas the chorus has Nicole extending up in to the lower part of her chest register. It all amounts to a pretty flat vocal delivery, which disappointingly mimics the track production all to well.

There are glimmers of a good song in Don't Hold Your Breath, such as the melody and the lyrics but overall it just remains a ghost of a song that fails to leave any lasting impression on the listener. Here's hoping it'll be a song that gets better with every listen, a la Nicole's last single Posion.

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