Tuesday 1 February 2011

Review : Rihanna's S &M Video

Rihanna isn't helping with the claims of her being associated with Illumanti
when at 3.20 "Rihanna Princesss of the Illumanti" is flashed on screen.


Rihanna's video for S and M, her third release from Loud, bypasses what could have been a risqué and provocative look at the underworld scene of S and M by approaching the subject matter in a playful, light-hearted and toothless manner.

The video does manage to include some imagery that is synonymous with the S and M scene- such as whips, bondage and PVC- but they are rendered ineffectual when contrasted with the "suggestive" way Rihanna "eats" a selection of fruit towards the end of the video.

Unfortunately the treatment of the video, and the sets it was filmed on, let the whole production down and give the video for S and M a cheap, low-budget feel that is at odds and unfitting of Rihanna's superstar status. Perhaps Mariah Carey started a new trend for; the low budget look with her Auld langs syne video from last year!

Overall the video fits in nicely with the bubblegum, sugary, 90's visuals that the Loud era has brought and is as such nothing special. Songs still good though ;)

Watch the video For S and M below.

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