Tuesday 29 March 2011

Did Lady Gaga's "Born this way" rip-off South Korean Group Snsd's "Be Happy"?

gaga copy snsd
Did Gaga copy SNSD?

Another potentially uncredited, shall we say, "influence"- in addition to Madonna's Express yourself- on Lady Gaga's Born this way has surfaced online via Youtube. Admittedly the song Be happy, by South Korean girl-group SNSD, does bare a striking similarity to the electronic backing track of Gaga's mega hit; but it could just as easily be argued that SNSD's producer ripped off Madonna's Express yourself too,hence the similarities between all three tracks.

Perhaps worryingly for Gaga, having recently heard Born this way, the producer of Be happy has decided to contact the singers' management for "further information" about the track. It's not clear what "information" he's trying to gather but it may be in anticipation of future legal action against the singer.

If he was a smart man he would be downplaying the similarities between the songs, because if Madonna does decide to come-a-knocking on Gaga's door claiming she was plagiarised, then she'd only have to follow the breadcrumbs from Gaga door back to his own home in South Korea to serve his butt too.

Listen to the comparison of Born this way and Be happy below:

I really hope Gaga's next track Judas will wash the taste of Born this way outta my mouth.


  1. Lady Gaga is the best. None of Snsd or whatever it is could harm Gaga's career. The songs are totally different.

  2. Omg just fuck off >.> why do you always thinks she's copying someone?? 

  3. Because her work is VERY influenced by the work of others that are current and old in the industry. I mean if Madonna can seamlessly incorporate Born this way into an express yourself medley then I have no more belief in Gaga's originality. 

  4. I didn't start these comparisons. But I sure can hear them.

  5. Another reason the lawsuit didn't follow through - Gaga is one of Interscope Records' biggest assets. Interscope is also promoting for SNSD's American debut. The thing is that there is a very tight race for American debuts of K-Pop bands, and the competition is notably between SNSD, (under Interscope) 2NE1 (under will.i.am Records) and Wonder Girls. (Jonas Records) Suing Gaga would mean that SNSD would be messing with Gaga's management, eventually leading to rough ties between SM Entertainment and Interscope Records, which could end up in a stop to SNSD's promotions in the US. This means that SM Entertainment, now the leader of Korean Pop, will undeniably be overtaken by YG Entertainment, the runner-up in K-Pop and label for 2NE1 by causing the breakthrough of K-Pop in the international market. Suing Gaga would be too risky of a move, no matter how much they can sue for liabilities.

  6. lol now after 2 years at you