Friday 24 February 2012

Madonna:Top Twenty Biggest Selling Singles

With Madonna's latest, and might I add awful, single Give Me All Your luvin' [review] sliding down the charts faster than a Christina Aguilera vocal run, can we just all agree to pretend it never existed? Failing that, lets remember better days, and a Madonna that didn't pander to fads, and countdown her top ten biggest selling UK Singles.

Note:Single sales up to 25/10/11

20) Borderline - 298,388 [copies sold]
I never liked this song when I was younger, but lately I've warmed to it.

19) You'll See - 305,000
I loved the song and the album, Something to Remember. It was a compilation of great ballads, and displayed some needed growth and maturity from an ageing Madonna.

18) Don't Cry For Me Argentina - 340,000
Some would say her role in the movie Evita demonstrated Madonna's strongest vocals to date.

17) Who's That Girl - 380,000
I remember always waiting for the animated Madonna to do her little dance at 3.06.

16) American Pie - 385,000
Does anybody else have an irrational dislike of actor Rupert Everett? I only ask because he did the background vocals on the song.

15)Material Girl - 405,000
I get the feeling that of all the incarnations this is the real Madonna: materialistic, ruthless and single minded.

14) Music - 410,000
The Ali G connection really didn't agree with me. It felt beneath Madonna.

13) La Isla Bonita -435,000
This song always sounded corny to me. Not one of my favourites.

12) 4 Minutes - 475,000
Is this the moment Madonna started to become more focused on following trends instead of leading them. The R'n'b flavoured Hard Candy, which the song was taken from, is hated by many hardcore fans because of how commercial it was. However, I quite liked it. Read into that what you will.

11) Vogue - 505,000
Madonna brought this underground dance style to forefront of popular culture- a tactic she often used to remain fresh and ahead of the pack.

10) Like A Prayer - 513,231
The burning crosses in the video scared me back in 1989, and they still freak me out today. This is one of Madonna's most iconic songs and had a controversial video that touched on racism and religion.

9) Frozen - 525,000
Maybe my favourite Madonna incarnation. It caused a real stir when the video for Frozen debuted back in 1998. However, the spiritual and mystical vibe of the song was destroyed when someone told me it was originally written for Häagen-Dazs, strange how Wiki omits that crucial fact..hehehe.

8) Beautiful Stranger - 520,000
People went mad for this Austin Powers tie in, but I never really got the fuss.

7) True Blue - 545,000
This brings back memories. Loved the middle eight of this song.

6 Hung Up - 560,000
From Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor, an album touted by many as her rightful return back to her dance roots. It sampled Abba's Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight).

5) Papa Don't Preach - 645,000
Didn't understand what this was about when I was younger, thought the "baby" referred to her boyfriend. This was a pretty powerful, provocative, message for back then [1986].

4) Crazy For You - 670,000
Madonna really has had some great ballads. It seems the older she's getting the shallower she's becoming.

3) Holiday - 770,000
Loved it in the 80's, love it today! Incredibly catchy. Classic Madonna.

2) Like A Virgin - 780,000
Still makes me blush today! Can only imagine how people reacted in 1984!

1) Into The Groove - 860,000
This is so 1980's, doesn't it just make you want to dust off those ol' shoulder pads and wacky outfits...oh wait - looks at Gaga, Perry, Minaj- never mind....


What's your favourite Madonna song, and did it make the list? 


  1. I'll start! One of my favourite Madonna songs is "Rain" - - which is number 
    42 on the list of best selling singles in the Uk with sales of 130,771 

  2. Her best song for my is Like a Prayer and i consider it as one of the best songs i ever heard.

  3. Wow, are you telepathic??? I was thinking about this song, not only the album version but the remix edits are pretty awesome too....and for sure one of her most iconic and stunning videos!

    Loving all of the above songs, its amazing how easy you can take an artist for granted and I think I have done that with Madonna for a while now.....long live the queen!!

  4. Not sure if that link worked but this is one of her most beautiful songs, always had a special place for this song. Amongst others....

  5. lol! yep, but don't tell anyone! She has had so many classic moments its incredible! Its a tough back catalogue to live up to!

  6. I agree. One of the best songs ever.

  7. I wasn't alive for when the majority of these songs came out (I'm 18). Anyway my favorites are:

    Madonna: Think of Me

    Like a Virgin: Into the Groove

    True Blue: Papa Don't Preach

    Like a Prayer: Like a Prayer, Keep It Together 

    Erotica: Erotica, Bad Girl, Waiting

    Bedtime Stories: I'd Rather be Your Lover, Human Nature, Forbidden Love 

    Ray of Light: Frozen

    Music: N/A

    American Life: N/A

    Confession on a Dance Floor: Hung Up

    Hard Candy: Heartbeat

    And my favorite Madonna song overall is Justify My Love from The Immaculate Collection. 

  8. i love madge but isnt it funny that she called gaga reductive and yet she sampled ABBA for hung up

  9. Wow, I would have thought Like A Virgin, Vogue, and Material Girl her biggest sellers?

  10. I have always loved 'Express Yourself', but my favourite album has to be 'Confessions'. Everything has been pants since then!

  11. papa don`t preach the baby is about madonna wanting to keep her baby nothing to do with the boyfriend in the video
    keeping my baby she is pregenant in the video

  12. my best ballad is crazy for you
    how i remember first hearing that song on my ghetto blaster back in 1985

  13. fav dance song has to be into the groove great number 1 hit
    love the madonna raunchy look and cross look fab

  14. my top 10 are
    think of me
    like a virgin
    promise to try
    love song
    bad girl
    material girl
    papa don`t preach