Thursday 23 February 2012

Watch: Lana Del Rey Performs "Without You" (Live)

Yes Ms Lana Del Rey, you stay stuck to that piano, because its where you give your best performances!

Singing Without You from her debut album, Born To Die [Review], Lana showed the world she is a human being after all, giving a warmth and humility often missing from her performances. Perhaps it was due to her clearly being surrounded by fans, but Lana looked almost comfortable on stage and her surroundings, and this showed in her voice.

Displaying a raft of different timbres and parts to her range, she sang the love song gorgeously,  and in a way that deviated from the softer, Betty-Boop-like delivery of the album. It was a stark contrast to her robotic, and much ridiculed, Saturday Night Live performance [here], or her spot closing Jonathan Ross' chat show [here].

 If Lana Del Rey can just get her technique to match her ability to communicate the lyrics of the song she would be unstoppable as a vocalist. However, there is definitely growth happening in the star's live voice as she gets used to her place in the limelight, so perhaps it won't be too long now.

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  1. I totally love her, this was perfect in my opinion.

    I also agree that she needs to sort out her nerves when performing around impartial audiences. But this is something special, indeed the other performances you noted above were pretty off, but this more than makes up for it!

    Her voice is just gorgeous!!! And she most definately seemed much more at ease here and less steely! Great I feel like I have been hounding this blog recently btw, loving it :)

  2. It was just so dope!
    I especially love the part 'gold and silver lines my heart'.
    I don't have much knowledge in music; may I ask what is the name of the technique/extension she used during ''Hello..hello"?