Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Celine Dion Covers Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" [Listen]

I was just yesterday thinking how there was a distinct lack of Celine Dion on this site! Well today this live performance of Celine Dion singing Adele's Rolling In The Deep fell into my lap, almost as if a gift! Take a listen below.

Though Celine Dion has no problem hitting the notes (no surprise) , I will say their is a distinct lack of that fire and passion that made Adele's version so satisfying. Suppose it's not surprising considering Adele wrote the song herself after being burned by an Ex.

Still, it's nice to hear- what with all the "beefs" currently flying around- a veteran Diva showing her love for a realtive new comer.


  1. See. This performance is popping all around the world. So I have just one thing to say: this is pure marketing. Celine is about to put out a new album, so it's very convenient to cover that famous song. Now hers and Adele's fans are fighting... Celine did a great job by promoting herself.

  2. rollinginthedeep13 June 2012 at 06:41

    well the album is coming out only in october....people will have forgotten the cover...I dont think she does it for promotion..she doesnt need any...she did it because she loves Adele...and she nailed it!!!

  3. I've just compared her version with Scherziner's one. And Celine did it better in my opinion. I had a feeling that Scherzinger was rushing to get to the end of the song. It is subjective but I think she had a problem with timing and phrasing. Eventually she almost "killed" all the groove. Celine, despite the fact her own repertoire is rather not "juicymotowngroovy", has this feel and swing. Fair play to Celine!

  4. I hardly think Celine Dion needs to cover another's famous song. And surely if this was a marketing ploy they would have "leaked" a better audio quality. I think you are being too cynical here.

  5. I agree it lacked the fire but of course very well done. I enjoyed that. Except it was poor quality audio.
    She does nicely prove in a way that singing this "better" than Adele doesn't necessarily make it better.
    I would say where one of Dion's great assets is how well she sings, Adele's is that passion. Perfect technique and perfect display of passion are very very hard to achieve because the one requires a cool head, the other the opposite.

  6. Yes, there is something "off" about that Scherzinger cover. In spite of the girl obviously having a great voice and ability, I found it was somehow "amateurish" sounding.

  7. So, is that star thing supposed to be like a thumbs up for the article? I see there is no "like" button anymore? Anyway...a Star or "like" or thumbs up or whatever for the article DD. :)

  8. Vocally she nailed it, nicely done. It didn't have the attitude of when Adele sings, but it didn't come across stale. Celine's voice has held up well throughout the years, sure she has lipped sync a good bit to achieve this ( Which I detest) but since she has performed over 2000 shows in her career I'm a bit lenient with her case.

  9. she doesnt need any? When was Celine's last big hit??? She needs A HUGE PROMOTION. Spect much more from her from now on. She sells tours these days, but albuns, not many.

  10. I just don't trust that fake biACH!

  11. This will come as a HUGE surprise to you but some artists have different priorities than "big hits". If she sells tours she will sell albums. Just FYI
    "In May 2009, Celine Dion was named the 20th best-selling artist of the
    decade in the United States and the second-best-selling female artist of
    the decade in the United States, selling an estimated 17.57 million
    albums In June 2009, Forbes
    reported that Dion earned $100 million during 2008. In December 2009,
    Pollstar announced that Dion was the best-selling solo touring act of
    the decade and the second-best-selling touring act of the decade, only
    to the Dave Matthews Band. Dion grossed $522.2 million during the decade. "
    But yeah, you go on believing she needs the publicity of poor audio videos in early June in order to sell albums in October.

    So, what exactly did she do to make you hate her? Any particular reason or just one of those "hate at first sight"deals? ;)

  12. Kelly Clarkson also briefly sang Rolling In The Deep, guess she wanted some spotlight as well? Or is it just because you hold an animosity towards Celine that you see it as this desperate ploy for attention?

    Celine has done plenty of covers throughout her career, often of songs she likes or that go well with her act. Covering Adele wasn't just some random spur of an act in desperation to get album sales, which is a ridiculous thought. She's a well established artist and in the top 3 best selling female artists of all time and has an established fan base world wide with popular establishment in the english and french speaking cultures.

    Just because you don't trust her doesn't validate your opinion as a fact.

  13. Let's not forget Celine has the best selling french-language album of all time, one of the longest charting number one's on the billboard, and the only artist to have 2 albums sell over 30 million :)

  14. Hmmm - vocally spot on, but I wish she'd done something more with it to put her stamp on it. Even if she'd just added a few more decorations, or changed the tempo or something?

  15. BTW DD I agree that I hate all the 'beefs'! Ridiculous. If there were less beefs, we might get a few more exciting duets! When was the last big decent diva duet released in the charts? All I can remember recently is 'S & M' by Britney and Rihanna, or 'Beautiful Liar' by Beyonce and Shakira, neither of which are classics. I suppose 'Telephone' was technically a duet, but I want to hear some singing together, some harmonies, something epic!!

  16. Lol! no clue, haven't seen it when I comment! Perhaps It'll do some thing magical!

  17. A lot of people have covered it! i should totally do a "Duelling Divas" with this song!

  18. Who would you want to see duet, Karen? Cher lloyd and Cheryl Cole? That'd be OFF THE HOOK, right....

  19. You definitely should... I love the smell of napalm in the morning;D "Duelling Divas" and readers/commentators duelling with (s)words;) Sounds beautiful - another battle of Hastings.
    I got one recommendation which, I'm afraid, is somehow inappropriate. However I think it is unhealthy to take everything too seriously so...

  20. Indeed, she's quite the touring artist. Even if she lip syncs a bit, the most she has ever done in one show was about 40% which means she has done a tremendous amount of live singing in 3 decades. More than just about all her contemporaries and "rivals" combined.

  21. i personally think celine is a waaay better singer than adele
    but no one can sing this song like adele
    just like no one can sing an amy winehouse song like amy

    we get used to hearing a song from that specific person that usually people who cover it dont quite capture the same magic/passion/feeling

  22. Well, I hit it so if something magical happens in your life anytime soon...that was me. You're welcome! :b

  23. lol! Totally, some people take it all a little too seriously. Slightly worries me. I don't know if you've seen the show "Very Important People" but they did a spot on parody of Adele,

  24. The only artist to have 2 albums sell over 30 million? Ever heard of Michael Jackson?

  25. You should check those numbers. And stop searching subjetcs on wikipedia. LOL!!!

  26. Madonna, Britney, Celine, Gaga are some of the arts who sell A LOT of tickets these days, Why????
    Because they cheat. They use playback all the time. It is impossible for a human being to sing 5 days a week, but I guess these ladys are angels sent from up above. LOL!!!
    Singers like Aretha Franklin or Patti Labelle NEVER did so many shows, because we all know that they have to protect their voices.
    And now, Celine, just like Adele, had to rest her cords and all that blah blah blah blah throat problem. REALLY? Her throat problem must be a cracked cd that doesn't work anymore - she has to record a new one. LOL!
    That's why I don't like that fake BiACH! She's a cheater. She sells a lie!

  27. Are you nuts?
    Shanaia Twain, Mariah Carey, Alanis Morissette, the beattles, Bob Marley... they all sold more than 30 millions coppies of a same album.

  28. Not for nothing but when exactly did I express such sentiments as "angels sent from above"??? And fyi I would personally not spent a dime on any of the above except for Celine Dion..( Especially not Gaga and Britney. Pu- lease!)that is if I have a dime left after buying albums of the people I actually really love their work.

    Considering you are such a big fan of Mariah Carey, I'd say your reasons for hating Celine Dion seem a tad incongruous. Are you sure it's not just irrational dislike you are feeling? ;)

  29. Can you not read? I said the only artist to have TWO albums sell over 30 million. Although I meant only female artist.

  30. I meant female artist, and Michael only has 2 albums that have sold over 30 million, although bad was very close to doing so.

    And of course I know who Michael Jackson is, but like I mentioned I originally meant to post female artist. And Michael has certain aspects that would make him not a female ;p

  31. Hate to break it to you but it is definitely not impossible to sing a show 5 days a week. Your voice only needs proper technique, maintenance, and a good nights rest to be able to function properly and all of that can happen by learning how to sing, drinking water frequently, and the number one rule: get some sleep. Actors and Singers on Broadway have to do several shows a week singing many complex songs that most pop singers could never touch and for the most part unless they get sick they sound flawless everytime.

  32. It's not impossible to sing 5 days a week, If one has good technique and takes care of their voice then it's no problem. For example, Hayley Williams has done so and has performed over 700 shows within 6 years. She doesn't even have the best technique but she is able to do so and doesn't use playback.

  33. Bob Marley's best selling album sold 25 million so "no"he did not sell at least two albums over 30 million each.
    Nor did Morisette, Carey, Twain ( and really..if you keep mentioning Twain at least learn how to spell her first name. That's the second time you got that wrong) and the Beatles are a band. Not a solo artist.( and this is just me guessing but likely Serendipity was actually only talking female singers..divas)
    I mean, I bet the Berliner Philharmoniker with their 224 albums also sold pretty good. Couldn't find the figures as few care but I would not be surprised to find their recording of Beethoven's 9th conducted by von Karajan by now also sold at least 30 million.

  34. You want to hear epic singing together and harmonies..try Raising Sand. You can't get all that more epic than a bluegrass "angel" teaming up with the original golden god of rock ;)

  35. You have a truly sick side DD lol

  36. To be honest I think she did a pretty respectable job, far superior to that of any the covers I have heard.

    Not only that I heard she had recently undergone vocal sugery too!

  37. She is a machine....

  38. I agree, but even then why shouldn't she cover it to bring herself into the spotlight again.

    She has a fantastic voice and has had a pretty respectable career. Thumbs up to her.


  40. Oh really? I know she had that whole nodule episode back before Let's Talk About Love (props to her for not talking for 6 whole months, that takes patience) but I hadn't heard anything recently about any vocal chord problems.

  41. Yeh, apparantly she had the same kinda surgery as Adele, although I cannot remember where I read/heard it from lol I will try to track down the source.

  42. I know, I did kinda feel that! I have however loved every other cover she has done, I particularly enjoyed 'Alone' (even though it was slated...

  43. Oh, well her voice sounds good from these recordings and others I've heard, especially this performance of "The Reason" where she nailed the high note better than earlier in her career.

    By the way, nice avatar of The Source :P

  44. Awesome I will need to check out that video!

    Lol and thanks, I have been having a Charmathon today hehe

  45. Ok! And I'm Brad Pitt"s son. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. NO! I Hate her because she's a cheater. I used to like her, but I found out she only sing live two or three songs on her shows. She sells a lie.

  47. Blah, blah, blah. Stops searching for subjects on wikipedia.

  48. Facts..they are hard to deal with aren't they? ;)
    Well unless you can come up with a brilliant response like you just did.

  49. Adopted eh? Not so unlikely dude, he's got like what 5 or 6 already?

  50. Again, get your fact straight dude. It is not true that "every singer lip syncs now and then". I know plenty who never do.
    And yes indeed Carey does, and so does Shania. You seem to be quite impressed with her. She can't carry a tune without auto tune if her life depended on it.

  51. Celine is the QUEEN of lip sync. EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!!! She's a cheater. At least other singers (Carey, Shania, Whitney and other good PROFESSIONAL SINGERS) do not put out a huge show and travel all around the world selling lies. I feel pity for Celine's fans, because they never heard the whole truth. That woman is a big fat LIE!.

    Enough of that liar. No more comments about her. She doesn't deserve it.

  52. NO! I'm am. we have the same eyes and skin tone.

  53. Celine is the QUEEN of lip sync. EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!!! She's a cheater. At least other singers (Carey, Shania, Whitney and other good PROFESSIONAL SINGERS) do not put out a huge show and travel all around the world selling lies. I feel pity for Celine's fans, because they never heard the whole truth. That woman is a big fat LIE!.

    Enough of that liar. No more comments about her. She doesn't deserve it.

  54. I'm sure this Korean audience appreciated Mariah flying over there to watch Mariah lip-sync to the studio version of her song from beginning to end :)
    I wonder how many Carey fans are aware that she has been lipping a vast majority of her songs since 1997?
    I just find it humorous that you are so quick to crucify Celine Dion for lip-syncing when you admire Carey who lip-syncing amount rivals that of Britney Spears.
    Celine sang live for well over 10 years while Carey began lipping in 1995 with occasional performances of Fantasy and Open Arms, only 5 years into her career.
    I just find it humorous that you see what you say as valid when your words carry a massive double standard upon them, just a thought.
    It's obvious by your frequent use of all caps-ing, lack of constructive points and double-standard animosity that arguing with you is pretty pointless as you'll just rebut anything with your genius and well thought out comebacks that aren't just drenched with immaturity.

  55. I never said that other singers do not lip-sync. They do. But Celine is THE QUEEN. Everybody knows it.

    you can say whatever you want to say. A musician prooved that Celine has been lipping for almos 20 years. Celine is cheater!!! The greatest of all!!! I'll never respect her.

  56. Where if your proof to back up all of this "everyone knows" or "A musician Proved". Seriously you sound like an idiot who's making stuff up to sound like they know what their talking about.

  57. Celine isn't the queen of lip syncing, that title belongs to Britney Spears whose name is synonymous with the word.

    Once again I feel the need to bring up your double standard view, Mariah has lipped for 15 years so what's her excuse in your book? She hadn't even performed 20 shows before she started lip-syncing where as Celine had performed over 400 shows before she resorted to it as a means to preserve her voice (Lipping didn't start until after she had to go on a 6 month period of vocal rest due to nodules). Yes Celine has been lipping for 20 years, but the notes she lips are typically only the high notes of a song, as a fan of Celine Dion and Mariah Carey I can tell you what the ladies have lipped. Both have lipped songs in full , but for the most part only lip the high parts of songs or the big notes. And Celine has lipped more because she had more opportunity to lip as she has performed nearly over 10x as many shows as Mariah. But in ratios they are about equal so I truly don't see where you get off with your double-standard statements.

  58. Well! I've already said why I don't like that fake "singer". Enough!!! Deal with it!

  59. Fake, fake, fake "singer" That's what she is. And I don't wanna talk about that "lady" anymore. That liar!

  60. Well when you make such a mature and well supported argument that successfully removed all the hypocrisy out of your previous statements a boy just has no other reason but to drop it.

  61. LOL Serendipity I was wondering myself if this guy is over 12 years old actually. It clearly is not possible to have an anywhere near mature conversation with him.

  62. Dude, I"d call the extensive use of auto tune as big a "lie" as lip syncing but neither lies surpass the level of your double standard and immature posts and most of all the lie about why you hate Celine Dion.
    Now you are free to hate her all you want but if you want to discuss your hatred on a prepubescent level...try the Disney channel or something like that. Here you need to come with better if you don't want to look as childishly foolish as you have managed to look thus far.

  63. Ewwww too far Karen, too far!!! lol

  64. Hahaha Didn't we just give you one...along the lines of Poison And Wine. ;)

    Trust me, you do not want to hear me sing. Though my singing has shown to be extremely effective in putting babies to sleep, a unwavering unchanging hum will do that, it's not advised listening for the over 18 moths old.

  65. There's no such thing as too far Stuey! lol. xx

  66. Ok fair point, and I cannot say sh*t anyway considering I have the sickest mind that ever walked the earth :s xx

  67. @L. Henrique : Are you trolling or are you for real? If you are for real, this is just sad. Why? Because your blind hatred for Celine Dion is just that. Blind. And deaf, apparently. You don't want to hear what others have to say.
    As a part of 'everyone', I have to agree with Britney Spears being the queen of lip-syncing. I thought that was common knowledge.

  68. Nice karaoke Celine.

  69. Mariah has nodules lol. That's her excuse. She can't sing live all the time or she'll lose her voice ;)

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