Tuesday, 12 June 2012

[Listen] Alexandra Burke's "Heartbreak On Hold"

Personally, it's unsurprising to me that Alexandra Burke's sophmore album Heartbreak On Hold hasn't done that well, charting at only number 18 on the UK album chart.

Alex's biggest asset is her voice, but the first two singles from the album, Elephant and Let It Go, displayed little of its unique character, or undeniable power. It's a problem that unfortunately runs through the whole album, but is compounded further by the poor/clich├ęd lyrics, boring melodies and flat production.

Check out the tracks from Heartbreak On Hold below:

Between The Sheets:

Oh La La:

Beating Still:


Sitting On Top Of The World: (one of the better dance tracks on the album.)

What Money Can't Buy : (A respite from the club sound. One which shows off Alex's voice beautifully)

Daylight Robbery :

This Love Will Survive :

Devil In Me (bonus track):


  1. Yeh, the only world I could think of is yawnsome! She is worth and capable of so much more.

    I guess she feels the need to go with whats current and I take my hat off to her for trying but yeh not great, and ps Delta's 'Sitting on top of the world' is much more interesting than that (even although it was a nice song)

    I notice you didnt grade the album so allow me E- (is that a bit too harsh?)

  2. Seeing as shows such as the X-Factor are notorious for attempting to take control of their finalists careers the decision may not be up to her sadly.

  3. True, I think they need to just give up on these progs they are just gettin predictable and now slightly tacky!

  4. The lyrics aren't super inspired, and