Friday 27 July 2012

[New Video] P!nk- "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)"

Was P!nk's new video shot on a HD camcorder and edited together on the bundled video software that comes with every Mac? Because it sure looks like something I could have created at my local National Trust manner house, with a budget of ...let's say....50 quid. Realistically most of that'll go on the booze- because this is one director who needs to be liqueured up to create his "art"- but I'm sure I could create something that is a close approximation of the video Dave Meyers' delivered here for Blow Me (One Last Kiss)...well bar the flying machine part at the end. I'd probably need an extra tenner for that!

Okay , joking aside, it's a cute video- though I stand by it looking cheap. It's obviously supposed to look old-timey, but the filter/ technique used to create the effect isn't particularly forgiving or impressive. The love story narrative is a nice enough, and I liked the scene where P!nk comes to the wedding dressed in mourning attire, and the subsequent release of emotions she experiences when the pink (red?) rain falls from the exploding heart.

On another note, I like the song itself more. Not because of the video, and not because I've listened to it since the review [here]. I just do...perhaps I've climatised to the swearing.

Finally, Congratulations are in order as Blow Me (One Last Kiss) has gone top ten (#9) on the Billboard chart despite it not (previously) having had a video. Party over here!!

How wrong is!)


  1. I always start posts just thinking it'll be a line or two, and then THIS ^ happens. SIGH.

  2. LOL Well, you were clearly on quite the inspired roll there.
    And I can see your point. That vid is all over the place. It seems every 45 seconds the source "inspiration" completely changed and of the about 4 utterly different sources ..not the one seems at all connected to the song.
    And I suspect she is not going to score points with the lesbian crowd for that scene of her dancing with a girl but be immediately willing to dump her for the bloke.
    Lucky thing for her she already scored so many points in sapphic circles, it won't put much of a dent. ;)

    Random side observation...spell check seems to be completely unfamiliar with the word "sapphic" ???