Monday, 16 July 2012

Could Aretha Franklin Be Joining American Idol?

Don't mess with my awesome Photoshop skills.

With the current line-up of judges on American Idol falling faster than the chances of me magically receiving tickets for the opening ceremony of the Olympics, it looks like an unlikely candidate has stepped up to the mark and stated their desire to claim one of the coveted (now empty) seats. Enter, Aretha Franklin!

According to TMZ, Aretha Franklin allegedly sent out an email claiming to say, 'Yes, I am interested as a judge.' I'm not sure how legitimate this is, but she would be a massive coup for the ageing show as it tries to compete with young whippersnappers, X-Factor and The Voice.

Whether or not American Idol is worthy of having a superstar like Aretha Franklin I'm not going to touch, but personally I think she would be an excellent judge. This is a star who has decades of experience in the industry, has paved the way for pretty much all Divas since, and has a voice that is revered by all.

What separates Aretha Franklin from other Divas who could possibly take up a seat- ie Mariah Carey- is that this is one woman who is clearly hard to impress, and isn't afraid of shading others publicly if she doesn't like what's going on in front of her.

Just check out (below) Joss Stone failing to hold Areatha Franklin's attention with her cover of Natural Woman; Patti LaBelle getting frostbite during her tribute to the Queen Of SoulCarol King's  speaking about her experience working with the musical legend at Diva's 1998; and finally, read about Aretha's toys-out-the-pram reaction to Beyonce calling Tina Turner "The Queen" [link].

They'll all give you some indication of the kind of judge Aretha Franklin could potentially be.



  1. by watching the VH1 divas night i can tell it must be DD's idea of heaven haha ...its got diva in it and its filled with divas and there all classic divas ! love it if they done another divas night with today's chart toppers but i doubt they share the same kind of sister hood as those divas for Aretha being a judge? i think it would be fun. her career isnt one i follow but i certainly know her and know that stunning voice , so with the diva attitude i think she might bring some fight back to reality shows. although i feel shes to good for a show like that....oh and the ripping off of the wig,CLASSIC DIVA !

  2. I have to know where that Meme of Aretha ripping her own weave off is from LOL. But anyways Aretha being a judge? I think that it would be good for the show but not so much for the contestants. As you said Aretha is known to be hard to please and she for the most part is straightforward with how she feels. Should she not like a contestant, being shot down by a legend is much worse than being done so by an average judge. And should she take the stage the name of the show would become THE IDOL- ARETHA.

  3. "being shot down by a legend is much worse than being done so by an average judge," so true.

  4. OMG, the first year of the DIvas concert was HEAVEN for me. Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, CĂ©line Dion, Shania Twain, Mariah Carey and Carole King all on the same bill. What a night that was!

  5. Aretha really isn't a people person, I don't think she'd be that great of a judge. I'd hate to see the episode where someone covers one of her songs... oh lord.

  6. She would knock people right off the stage with a single look.

  7. On the other hand, being praised by the Queen..."So Damn Happy";)

  8. And very unlikely lol.

  9. Ahh yes those original VH1 Diva's shows, incredible and very exciting for us ladies of song lovers! I totally loved it.

    As for Aretha joining AI I think all the points made below are more than valid, I mean imagine being told by a legend you suck, cannot be good for your (maybe warped) perception of your ability huh? But then I think she would be perfect due to her own natural talents and experience working in the cut throat industry that is the (in particular) American music industry.

    The only thing I would say is that personally I believe AI (and most singing talent shows) are starting to wane in their ability to hold people. I think while she would no doubt grab viewers for the first couple of episodes I think that viewing figures will continue to slide and it would be a shame for this to reflect on such a legend as Ms Franklin, although I would doubt it would dent her star power significantly! I think its time for AI to bow out gracefully at this point after all there wont ever be another Kelly now will there? hehe :p

  10. aretha is a legend but i feel like american idol needs a judge who isn't too old
    american idol is very hard work to be on the hours are probably crazy and idk if she could handle that

    i personally would prefer mariah as a judge
    to me mariah is very likeable and is someone who really understands music

  11. I'd LOVE to see Aretha there.

  12. Sorry, but I wish Mariah would stay far away from that show. She needs to focus on her music.

  13. I Loved that show but for me it was kinda disappointing. Mariah lipped parts of "My all" and Celine lipped the whole "My heart will go on".

  14. No one lipped at Divas Live.
    The concert had some dubbing done, but no one lipped.

  15. Trolling again huh???

  16. I love when people share their infant photoes. Love it.

  17. LOL! Amazeballs photoshop skills. Mad props, DD, mad props.

  18. aretha franklin is big shit

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  20. Poor Joss, she was singing her heart out and Aretha was like: "you done yet?"

  21. During what performance did she throw away that wig?

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