Monday 9 July 2012

Divas take over "T in The Park" [Watch]

BBC's T in The Park 2012 took place this weekend in Balado, Kinross-Shire, and was choke-full of Divas. So instead of posting separately on each of them, I thought I'd just spam you with all of them in one go, and just pray none of you become too overwhelmed with the glut of aural and visual stimulation.

Honesty time, I haven't had a chance to watch these all myself. I had a busy weekend, which included seeing Katy B at Somerset House yesterday (was amazing!). So I thought I'd post them for you guys now, because by the time I manage to watch and evaluate them it would most likely be time for T In The Park 2013.

Let me know if there was anyone in particular you enjoyed in the comments!

Alabama Shakes:
1. You Ain't Alone
2. Hold On
3. Making Me Itch
4. Hang Loose

Emeli Sandé:

Florence + The Machine:
1. Only If For A Night
2. Between Two Lungs
3. You've Got The Love
4. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
5. Spectrum
6. Shake It Out
7. Dog Days Are Over
8. Never Let Me Go
9. No Light, No Light

Jessie J:
1. Do it Like a Dude
2. Nobody's Perfect
3. Price Tag
4. Domino

Nicki Minaj:
1. Moment 4 Life
2. Starships
3. Pound the Alarm

Rita Ora:

1. R.I.P


  1. Florence and Jessie did phenomenal (Only checked out their sets briefly, I'll have a go at the others later). I'd love to see either live, the former more so.

  2. She may have vocally been a disappointment but performing live is a hell of a lot more than just vocal performance. And personally, I didn't think she was vocally disappointing at all. If all artists equalled the quality of their album sound where would be the point in going to see any of their live performances?
    She got the crowd going better than anyone I thought. Her interaction was brilliant and musically, there was a very good mix, tempo wise, dynamic wise, and atmosphere. I think she was the only act that catered for a broader audience of people.
    I will therefore respectfully disagree with you :)

  3. I thought Florence was amazing. Best act by far. Her voice has become stronger through her touring I think :)

  4. Wow that is something so ...I don't have the words.Well not inoffensive ones anyway. You have a to me, completely alien reasoning for going to see an artist live if you want them to sound less good .

    If you read correctly I specifically said the quality of the album sound. Not sound like the album exactly.
    I didn't expect her overall performance to match the album. I WAS hoping vocally she would get a bit closer to it than she did. That's all. I really like Florence and to be honest, within the genre, I am already impressed how close she does get live.

    I also stated I didn't watch the whole set yet so I can't and didn't speak om atmosphere,interaction etc etc ( though I did see the bit were she is saying hello to the audience and specifying those to the sides and all the way in the back. That was nice I thought).

    Still, I repeat, Alabama Shakes for me showed how a band CAN achieve the same quality live as on the album and if you care to check out some of their other live performances you will find they don't sound like the album exactly ( imo they sound better live)and they don't sound the same every performance but they DO reach the same high quality most times.
    And there are other artists who manage this.

    But again, I am by no means saying Florence wasn't excellent. I am just saying vocally not as excellent as I was hoping she'd be. :)

  5. Jessie J was incredible, I thought, as usual, and her live voice is so much better than her recorded.

  6. Jessie also sings Stand Up haha

  7. Yes, I agree Jessie J's vocals were excellent but I didn't listen to more than a minute of her set yet. I did feel that I kept it at 1 minute not just due to being in a hurry but also because her music , to me, isn't very interesting. And certainly not as a concert. It's more for hearing in a club I think. Plan to listen to the rest though. You know, just to stay informed. ;)

  8. Oh her music is dry as anything, but her live performances are so vocally beautiful that I catch myself listening to everything and anything she sings haha. I need her to sing/write prettier songs. Big White Room is the only one I love, really.

  9. I will have to check that one out in that case. :)

  10. Oh and Rita Ora has a beautiful voice life. Check out her cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know".

  11. Well, I checked out Big White Room, this version...

    Still not doing it for me I am afraid, song wise. But her vocals kept me hanging on till the end. ;)

    And to Rita Ora. This one...

    and have to say, this is much closer to my kind of thing. Both the tone of voice and the song. Thanks for that tip. :)

  12. Florence has an issue with deliverance in live Performances. Her vocals are always well supported but her arrangements get off and it sort of muddles the performance. She is definitely one to get pitchy (More so than a miss del rey) and I don't know if its because if there are problems with her technique or if she is just trying to sing the songs in a different way.

  13. Ahhh the Diva's have had a good turn out this year! I enjoyed all the sets to be fair but I really preferred the Shakes and Amy Macdonald the most! :)

  14. so i have nicki's two albums and im a big fan but i just skipped her live set cus i couldn't get through it....i love her and shes improved vocally , its also nice to see someone just have fun on stage instead of having a constant theme or sing a big ballad but meh i guess im used to something abit i guess . rita ora's voice is lovely but i feel she keep's getting the audience to sing parts that were more vocally challenging and it got annoying but all in all lovely sets ...just wish amy winehouse could be alive to perform.. that's a singer whose voice could move a whole field of freezing Scottish lol....also note the girl texting on 2 phones while balanced on her friends shoulders during the nicki minaj set ....crazy

  15. Its not that I wouldn't enjoy the high quality album sound as you say, in fact it would be very impressive for an act to achieve those similarities in a live setting. I personally however, would find it much more entertaining to hear them do something new with their performances as I am first to admit I get bored pretty easy.
    And actually, I have only been to a concert once with my dad and it was a Biffy Clyro concert. They were amazing performance wise but he doesn't do anything vocally for me. I was a little insulted that you would judge me in such a way as to my antics at a concert. You don't know me. If I wanted to hang out with my friends and chat and get drunk, I can assure you, I would go somewhere a lot quiter and there is no way I would waste my money on tickets if thats what I wanted to do lol

  16. I tried finding Amy, but all i could find was her performances from years back. :(

  17. Amen about Winehouse. Her new song with Nas just reminds us all what a talent we lost.

  18. LOL First off, I didn't really assume you were doing that.
    That was just a bit of rhetoric to illustrate how your statement came across.

    And I see you are still not getting it. A good musician can full well achieve the highest quality in a live setting and yet sound different from both the studio version and previous live performances. Again, I do not mean I want the artist to perfectly imitate that studio recording when performing live, I want them to achieve the same degree of quality, be able to mostly hit the same notes ( if we are talking singers).
    "something new' doesn't need to be defined as something of lesser standard but it sounds as if you think it does mean that and are perfectly satisfied with that.
    Which is fine if it works for you but it is an attitude completely incomprehensible to me. :)

    Just wondering, did you listen to the above videos of Alabama Shakes at all?

  19. Too True! But a lot of the work of Amy have that effect I find. So glad that Grammy went to Amy and Tony. That record was another perfect example of it.

  20. am i the only one who finds it funny that she chooses to emphasize the word "domino" at the end its all dramatic but shes saying domino
    idk maybe its just me

  21. You need to add more male vocal ranges!!

  22. I did listen to them but they're not really my thing :S a group of talented musicians and if they write their own stuff, then fairly talented writers too.
    I admire their talent but I wouldnt listen to them through choice. And in all honesty, I have never heard of them before here so I cannot comment on their album sound.
    In reference to the quality in a live setting again, when you said about wanting the singer to hit mostly the same notes. I think singing the chorus, or main melody is very important to remain the same. I however, think its quite refreshing to hear the singer take on another vocal line at times. Or when they harmonise with the backing singers - having the backing sing the main vocal line. Thats why I really enjoy Florence. Her performances often differ, not just in the staging or choreogt vocally too.
    That's what I meant :)

  23. lol that was meant to say choreography xD

  24. LOL my argument is not with your taste but with your statement on whether a certain standard can and should be reached live.
    I could give you a long list of names of others who manage to reach that live "studio" quality but I think none will be to your taste so I'll fore go with the examples. Which is of course likely the reason you don't listen to them and consequently are able to make such a statements as you made. ;D

    "take another vocal line". LOL I get you but I don't think you distinguish between different artistically and different quality. It really sounds to me like you are mixing the two.

    But since it doesn't look like this conversation will go much further than simply repeating ourselves, perhaps we should leave it at this? ;)

  25. Here (woop) I love her's really deep lol anyways enjoy, I hope I posted enough links here hehe

  26. A couple of the guys from work did the whole gig, said that the Shakes were one of the best acts and being honest I flicked past them as I wasn't really into them before but just had a listen and its fair to say I am extremely impressed! Might have to treat myself to their album, the arrangements and vocals are pretty superb!