Wednesday 22 August 2012

[New Video] Mariah Carey "Triumphant (Get 'Em)"

How does Mariah Carey do "Triumphant" in the new video for the soon to be labelled "buzz-track" of the same name? Well, the same way she does everything else: posing, pouting and trying as hard as she can to be sexy.

Just like the song itself [review here], Mariah Carey isn't even the main attraction of the video- that privilege goes to the boxers and the boxing match itself. Instead, she's relegated to the babe holding the numbered cards between bouts. Not that she seems to have a problem with it; clearly enjoying parading herself and her new slimline figure for the crowd. Or maybe I've interpreted it all wrong and this is really a visual representation of Mariah Carey's own triumph with her weight? (Why does that sound so bitchy when I read it back?)

The Nick Cannon directed promo, itself, is actually an improvement on his previous pairings with his wife- see I Stay In Love. He makes good use of the song's theme, uses a nice golden colour palette that really compliments Mariah, and manages to create and capture some great shots. However, his wife- though looking great- fails to sell the meaning of the song, herself, and that was what was really needed with this promo.


  1. Who labelled this as a Mariah Carey single anyway? It seems to me it's a single by who ever those rappers are(?).
    If this IS supposed to be both a Mariah Carey single and a Mariah Carey video, I am gonna download this and use it every time some fool stakes a claim again that "feminism is no longer needed".
    Clearly the whole concept of women's lib has not reached Mariah or any of the people involved in making this video/single.
    In short , as a fairly liberated woman, my response to this effort.....WTF????

  2. It was released by the official Mariah carey vevo A.K.A. Her marketing youtube account and its titles states Mariah Feat Rick Ross and Whatevadafuq.

  3. I was expecting a lot more from Mimi. I don't get why she is okay with being behind the center of attention if she is trying to make an actual comeback. The whole video concept still escapes me as to how this was thought of as the best setting for triumphant. I mean a boxing match really? Its been done, its not organic, its just...generic.

  4. LOL Yes I know Brian. it says so on the top of the video. I question the decision making in marketing it such. Because clearly she is only singing the chorus here. It is in fact a rappers song feat Mariah rather than the other way around. What self respecting Diva allows herself to be relegated to singing the chorus and playing the eye candy in HER song/video?

  5. Not organic? The chorus is "Can’t fall down stay triumphant keep on living

    Stay on your toes, Get off the ropes

    Don’t let em ever count you out

    Realize all things are possible

    In your heart who’s the greatest

    Reach for the stars

    Be all that you are

    And make em all fall down "

    Those are all boxing references

  6. Love the song (now) but not the video, its just, well, boring really! But then I despise the neanderthal sport of boxing for one.

    I agree she looks sublime indeed and the look she is rocking really suits her but sometimes I wish Mimi would push outside the box with her visuals, she could really afford to at that being that its the supposed lead single. I really hope she goes all out with the next single and tries to stay away from the sexy, party, rappers galore situation and to something that surprises, she is capable of so much more.

    That does not take away from my everlasting love of Mimster! ;)

  7. Yeh, I found it really hard to stay focused on it...I just found the whole affair yawnsome and uninspiring!

  8. where would mimi be without that golden colour palette lol

  9. suppose you're right: Honey; The Roof; Breakdown; i could go on! lol

  10. Yah, I don't like boxing either. They shoulda got mimi in the ring against old school mariah. That would have sent out a really clear message to everyone that Mimi is here to stay.

  11. I think generic is the word...besides Gabrielle did it better in her video for "Rise". in 1999 Can't seem to find it on youtube, though :(

  12. LOL That would surely have made a way more interesting video I'd say. Especially since I DO like boxing.

  13. I found Gabrielle here, poor quality though:

    Speaking of boxing videos? How about something like this:

    Well, it's not exactly Scorsese's Ragin' Bull, but not too bad anyway.

  14. Nick is gonna destroy Mariah's professional life. First, he dressed his wife as a show girl. After that mistake, he made nother one on "Get out up my face, boy" dressing his wife as a nurse. Now he dresses his wife as a "ring girl". GOSH! Personal fantasies are allowed only behind four walls.
    wake up, Mariah!

  15. She is a legend regardless of this video tho..I ain't feelin it...she could do better

  16. I thought she said this album will be like the ballads she use to do back in the day...