Thursday, 2 August 2012

Vocal Profile: Debelah Morgan

Vocal Type:Coloratura Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves 5 notes and a semitone (C3-Bb6)
Whistle Register:Yes
Vocal Pluses: Brilliant technique that demonstrates complete vocal freedom, being able to execute various vocal acrobatics along the entire range. Her vocal dexterity and stamina means Debelah Morgan  is able to transition and jump throughout the range on a single breath and hold notes without any effort and with apparent ease.

The lower range is slightly smoky, dark, but breathy, and is connected well to the midrange. The midrange itself [top of third octave, start of fourth octave] is richer and well supported. It displays a maturer, fuller timbre than the upper part of the range, and is healthier and better controlled than the lower extremes of the voice. However, Debelah Morgan  does display versatility in the mid-range and is able to make it lighter and airer if she so chooses [Hear the thicker midrange on Yesterday and its airier counterpart on Its not over].

The belting range is contrasting depending on how it is accessed. When it is utilised without mixing it
is thicker, rounded and heavier, but when mixed it becomes lighter, thinner and noticeably sweeter. From here the voice passes effortlessly into the head voice, where she is able to carry it effortlessly throughout most of the 6th octave (up to Bb6)

Shows a nearly unrivalled skill within her bright and piercing whistle register. Debelah Morgan is able to articulate within this part of her range, as well as conducts trills, runs that traverse the range and hit staccato notes accurately [all can be heard done live in Dance With Me from 4.30].

Vocal Negatives: Sometimes child-like tone isn't to everyone's taste, along with the head-dominant singing throughout the voice. The voice overall lacks real weight.

Dance With Me

Collection of high notes:

Post by Serendipity and DivaDevotee


  1. She has no control of her whistles; it sounds messy. Just a wannabe.


  2. Displaying so much ignorance in only 14 words, truly impressive feat.
    While you may not like Debelah's voice (which I personally don't) to say she has no control is just ridiculous. Her control in the whistle register is up there with Mariah and Minnie.

  3. LOL That song Dance with me could be a video from any of the past 4 decades.
    Generally pretty uninteresting singer.

  4. which is why she flopped all those years

  5. I have to agree with @Serendipity her control in the whistle register is great. I'd say even better than mariahs. However, tonally mariah really wins out though in that register.

  6. Indeed Debelah is very showy, this is a great example of her just doing a bit too much I mean sure it shows great control over her voice, but the musicality of it all was very lacking.

  7. No one forced you to click the link Opie :P

  8. The lower register is not much fun to listen to and her whistle sounds like a cat reaching climax....yeh MC all the way there....

  9. Lol there was a moment in that vid that I thought with all the vocal spinning she would about to conjure a tornado and be swept off the screen and out the window lol its a shame though if she held back and concentrated on the melody she could be a pretty great singer....

  10. Drats you've caught me, someone was reading between the lines I see ;D

  11. She stuggles to keep the note alive. Her whistles sound more like screams, not a resonant note. AMATEUR!


  12. L. have no idea what the physics or principles of vocal production or quality entail. You come on here everytime just to say Mariah is the end all-be all and the fact is, she isn't. To be honest, whereas Mariah is amazing, there are far BETTER singers than her. Debelah is one of them. Where her voice is a bit unsavory...her technique is quite amazing. Her control is better than tune with opera singers and the better of musical theatre singers. I'm not a fan, but I'm not a hater. Grow up...or at least take a basic theory course. Your criticism is not only unsound...its laughable.

  13. The Whistle register is near incapable of being projected with resonance. Even mariah's whistles wouldn't carry far.

  14. No way debelah is vocally superior to Mariah. 3 words- vision of love

  15. Wow, a lot of shade and hate for Debelah Morgan because of her similarities with Mariah it seems. I don't know her music very well and from what I've heard she's not as musically great as Mariah - I think if she had better material she'd be more well-known, but since she came out after Mariah I bet everyone (not just lambs) would have simply passed her off as a wannabe. She is however, very talented and has great skill so some of you shouldn't underestimate her just because you kiss MC's ass - yes she's great but there are others who are on her level, such as Debelah and Minnie.

  16. I like her, she has a nice R&B slow jam called, "Close To You".

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