Monday 22 October 2012

[Review] Kelly Clarkson "Catch My Breath"

Kelly Clarkson is giving me 80's goodness with her new single Catch My Breath. This is just what I needed from Ms Clarskson. After a string of high-octane, Pop-Rock tracks (Stronger, Darkside, Mr Know It All) I needed something a little more varied from the American Idol Winner to stop me getting Clarkson fatigue.

No need to worry though, it's not a total change of style for the singer. The voice is still a clear and present danger,  and the lyrics are far from generic: being a reflective take on her own musical journey so far. The singer-Songwriter explained the meaning of Catch My Breath on its release;

This song represents who I've been, what I've felt, and where I'm headed as not only an artist but as a 30 year old that is now smart enough to know that it's time to stop, catch my breath, and be proud of not only what has been accomplished but of all the people that have helped me become the woman I am today."

Catch My Breath is another winner for Kelly Clarkson, and shows that there is a versatility to her voice which allows her to tackle genres outside of the rock-pop one she's been inhabiting for too long. I really hope this is a hint towards the next album being a little more experimental in sound because it's clear she's capable of more, artistically.

Rating: b+

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