Monday, 19 November 2012

[Watch] Ke$ha Performs "Die Young" @ 2012 American Music Awards

Ke$ha Amas 2012

Reformed scuzzbucket, Ke$ha brought a tweaked version of the Die Young performance she did at the Australian X-Factor earlier this month [Here].

It wasn't the most convincing performance choreography wise (that feeble jump @2.13, anyone?) but she attacked it with a great energy, and it was fun to watch which is always a bonus! Also the vocals were on point, much like on X-Factor, matching those laid down on the recorded version of the song. What more could you ask for? First one to say "actual talent" gets a punch in the goolies. Be more creative, people!

Ke$ha, my guilty pleasure!



    Interesting to see evolution in artists, you can clearly tell she cares a great deal about what she is delivering, now more than ever. I am not sure if she is working harder in fear of the sophomore slump but whatever, she is doing fab. I look forward to some more new songs from her!

  2. Diva: She was lipsyncing, either to a pre-recordeded audio or to the album track (I have never heard the song, so I'm not sure). You can tell for sure at 1:20 when she moves her lips singing "You know", but only the background voice sounds (proving that her mic was indeed off). There are several little details in the whole performance that proof that she was lipsyncing, if you look carefully.

  3. Say it ain't so!!! Damn it Ke$ha, why did you do this to me!?

  4. lol! You don't wanna mess with me boy!!


  6. Definitely better than what I expected...or maybe it's because I just got done watching Aguilera's performance...

  7. I rather losse my eyes and ears than wathcing this performance again. Die young, girl. DIE!!!!!!!!!!

    Please God, give us MJ, Etta James, AMY W.H, Whitney Houton back, in exchange of Ke$ha, J. Bieber, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, Taylor S.

  8. All of those OK, except Taylor cuz she's actually an artist.

  9. Calm down, she isn't miming. You can hear her voice wobble every time a dancer throws her around or she jumps off something. To me, that "You Know" looked like her just mouthing to the backing track like many artists to during performances.

  10. You should check out the video she just released for this song!

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