Monday, 19 November 2012

[Watch] Kelly Clarkson Performs Greatest Hits Medley @ American Music Awards 2012

If there is ever a singer you can depend on to bring the vocals, it's Ms Kelly Clarkson. Promoting her greatest hits, she put on a performance at American Music Awards that cleverly told her decade long journey through the musical world via her own back catalogue.

Starting with Ms Independent (which was was co-written by Christina Aguilera, no less) was a telling choice. She could have gone for the higher selling, and first single, American Idol winner's song, A Moment Like This. But in in choosing to perform Ms Independent in front of the faux-Judging panel, she got to acknowledge her American Idol beginnings but also, more importantly, her own independent streak. A streak which began to manifest itself on second album, and next song in the medley, Since You've Been Gone.

It's at this point the crowd begin to get into the show, and Kelly seems to get some fire in her belly too. I get the feeling her attire was restricting her a little, as the energy was slightly down on what we've been seeing from the clips of her own concerts this year. There was also some timing issues at the end of this section, but I think it was due to the backing vocalist coming in too early. 

The penultimate song in the set was this year's empowering anthem, What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger). There were quite a few high G's in here- if I'm not mistaken- and it was a rousing rendition that sums up Kelly's own attitude to the tribulations she has faced on her journey so far.

The medley comes full circle and ends rightly with latest single, Catch My Breath: Kelly Clarkson's own autobiographical take on her story. There's no massive notes here, but the sentiment and emotions speak louder than any belt or high note ever could. I had goosebumps by the end of it. 

A great end to not only this performance but this chapter in the book of Kelly Clarkson.


  1. Fabulous vocalist. Not one to mess up either. She is one who can definitely replicate her vocals live.

  2. Ahhh Kelly, one of the few ladies that could fully convert me LOL

    She really cannot do any wrong in my eyes and never will, I think its lovely that she shows respect for her roots and always brings decency and real live (incredible, stunning, beautiful, touching...I could go on) vocals!!

    Here is to another 10 years of my favourite vocalist of my generation! All hail queen Kelly!!

  3. I feel like this performance was a middle finger to Simon who accused her of forgetting where she came from and not paying her dues.

  4. Ooooh go Kelly, he should know by now that you don't trifle with Ms Clarkson!!

  5. Great vocal, her beginning with Miss Independent really shows her vocal versatility. However, I don't think I've ever heard a song by her that I really like...

  6. I'll be honest here and say I've never liked her voice. She sounds generic. There's really nothing I find unique about her voice, save for her really high belting.

  7. Well, the Q-tips are in the bathroom. ;)

  8. I figured what with Keiko only hearing the high belting, the problem must be wax built up. ;D

    ( just joking Keiko :D )

  9. LOLZ.
    Enlighten me then. What's so awesome about her voice? :D

  10. First off I never said her voice is "awesome". DO think she is an excellent singer though.
    I just mean claiming it is "generic"seems rather not fitting. She has a little edge to her voice which I find far from "generic".
    As for "enlightening" you, that is just a plain silly request. :D
    Knowledge can be shared and learned from but I cannot tell you to hear what you don't hear or like what you don't like.

  11. Oh, I hear the edge in her voice :D it's just that, even with it, she doesn't have a very unique voice, IMO. But whatever, different opinions, I guess? haha lol.

  12. LOL I am sure you heard the edge and I get that you don't like the voice. Just saying "generic" seems excessive.
    "not very unique"?
    Hmmm, that I might give you. :)

    But imo she does match it up with other qualities equally important to being a good singer. And that, in today's pop scene, definitely makes her far from generic as a singer.

  13. Sometimes I think Kelly will never be recognized as a singer. She's the guess who comes uninvited in your party. She's up there for a long time, but who cares? She's still a no one in the showbuzz