Wednesday, 5 December 2012

[Must See] Mariah Carey Performs "All I Want For Christmas Is You" With The Roots And Jimmy Fallon

Mariah Carey has slayed me twice in one week, yet I still live! The wonders of Christmas manifest! If her performance at the Rockefeller Center wasn't a vocal revelation enough for y'all [see here], her cute as a button, ramshackle performance of All I Want For Christmas Is You for Jimmy Fallon has to be heard to be believed.

Everything about this was on point! From the ensemble of musicians, to the kiddy choir, to the voice itself! The little alterations Mariah did to the song's melody were interesting and fresh, and the use of her head voice to reach one or two of the trickier notes was a smart move that worked really well. But she didn't dodge all the big notes, successfully hitting plenty of clear sounding E5s! (I think there may have even been an F5 somewhere in there!)

To those who say this was "lipped"-see the comments on the Youtube video- I say to them, with the utmost respect, SHUT IT! Of course, you guys are a more discerning, eagle-eyed lot, so if you can see any signs of lipping- 'coz I don't- let me know, below!

Mariah Carey has officially brought the Christmas spirit to this dwelling today! Hallelujah!

[Check out a similar set-up featuring Christina Aguilera, where she sang Your Body with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, here]


  1. Good performance over all. Cute, cute, cute.. What about her bar performance a few weeks back?

  2. This: ?

  3. AMAZING. I'm not even going to acknowledge people saying it's lipped because it's obviously not.
    It's such an amazing performance, she barely ever does this stripped back stuff and I love it deeply!

  4. What do you think about Christina's performance on Jimmy Fallon?

  5. I like it. I don't like it as much as this because I think the whole stripped back, school instrument-type scenarios suit All I Want For Christmas better, but it shows Christina doesn't need the studio production and can easily carry the song using her voice.

  6. This was obviously not lipped. Mariah's stays in the Christmas every year which is nice.I liked this stripped version. That Ebs where good, although she struggled at 1:01 a bit, as the song went on it gave her the opportunutiy to open up her voice to hit the Ebs.

  7. I actually like the sound of the office supplies better way better than the electro dance beat particular for her voice.

  8. One of the most amazing performances I've ever seen. Simplicity sometimes is all that matters. Great job, Mariah!

    Haters all over the world are trying to prove this is lipped. One advise: keep on trying.

  9. Great performance by Mimi! Sounds like she can still deliver even after all of these years.

  10. I must need my ears tested, I thought that was painful. Her voice seemed strained, forced up into her throat and her breathing was all over the place she was clearly out of breathe by the end. Her composure was awful.And jeez would it kill her to cover up she looks like shes going to keel over or possible explode out of her dress.

  11. Her upper register seems so clean, particularly at the beginning. Baby still got the goods for sure! I think with age and all that has been going on in her life her mental state is far more settled, resulting in her vocal deliver being more confident, great stuff!

  12. No offense, but I thought Xtina's was pretty horrible. Her high notes... no. Just no. Everytime she did the chorus... strain.

  13. Maybe I can let you borrow some of the q tips Opie lent me? You just stick them in your ear and swirl them around...

  14. AMAZING. Her voice, while not entirely back, is in the best shape it has been in YEARS.

  15. I hate when I get impressed, because I keep pressing repeat....I just gotta say this is utterly captivating. And what the hell is Mariah's vocal fach? I saw a video online saying she is a coloratura soprano but I always saw her as a coloratura mezzo-soprano that has phrases her words in a way that makes her voice seem lighter while at the same time complementing her tone. To me it seems that she is slightly darker than beyonce and she has a very deep talking voice so what is she?

  16. I too think she is coloratura mezzo- soprano, that has the abillity to lighten her voice, when she desires. I do think her nodules also have something do that as she sings through them.

  17. She was always a soprano to me throughout the whole start of her career although I think the nodules and age have darkened her voice today. She sings through those nodules and said so herself on TV, I believe.

  18. I thought her voice was rather darker to begin with (in her debut) than it was throughout the majority of her career. But then, what do I know?

  19. Voice seemed brighter at debut and darkened over the years, gaining more lower access. In her first lives, she would pull down her larynx for an Eb3. But in her later years, we hear her issuing G2s with confidence. The nodules are also relevant, of course.

  20. It was brighter but I think she had more undertones at debut that kind of deteriated over time. I think the undertones gave her more weight. But there is definatly a darkness, its very interesting watching the changes in her voice over her career span.

  21. My Christmas wish will never come true; but hey, that won't stop me from listening to Mariah! DUUUH.
    Amahzing. But the Bridge part... she was struggling a bit.

  22. Why won't she get her nodules fixed. So many singers had this surgery done and they still sing.

  23. And apparently you need your eyes testing too... I don't see any signs of her being out of breath at the end. She has enough breath to playfully laugh at the kids, and play around with the melody of Jingle Bells. Her composure was...well, classic Mariah. Waving her hands everywhere. And the woman can't help that she has large breasts, she's covering up them up just fine.
    As for her singing, I'll consult with you after your hearing examination, because yes, you definitely need one.

  24. Btw these videos are sort of a mandatory live thing. I highly doubt it was lipped. She shows no signs of lip syncing and she doesn't even sound like she is. usually her vocals are more reminiscent of her glory years when she lips. Not that this doesnt sound good. Just not perfect.

  25. She's afraid of losing her whistle- and her sound. She's always had nodules, she doesn't know what she'll sound like without them. Anyway, she sounds good already, so why risk?

  26. I think she is afraid of the risk, personally if I was her I would go aheaad and have the surgery. I think it would improve her singing overall as she would be less labored, but i think she would loose the airy quality she like to play with

  27. You don't think the surgery would affect her range, make her completely relearn her singing habits, or possibly leave her as Julie Andrews was? I, personally, would not risk it.

    And that airy thing... you mean her whisper? That's one of her signatures now.

  28. The thing is with Julie Andrews her surgery had complication which she sued for malpratice. If the surgery is done correctly there should not be any major issues. And with some vocal training afterwards the voice should be in solid and shape and range can be regained.
    An I was not speaking of her whisper voice that her signature. Im speaking of an overall airy affect she has that's apparent throughout her range, rather she is singing in full voice, belting, or her signature falsetto whisper tone.

  29. I would personally be terrified of the procedure. I mean sure they try to label it as a simple procedure now but it is still messing with a very delicate muscle. One little misplaced snip and you could kiss away a whole octave or like Julie Andrews All of your singing voice. Im not saying she shouldnt have the procedure im just saying that its very reasonable as to why she would be scared of it.

  30. Any surgery if done by incompetent hands can have disastrous results. If Mariah went to a good surgeon she shouldn't have any need to worry for the most part.

  31. I would still not risk it. If I were Mariah, and had the most famous vocal cords in all of music, I would rather keep singing with a damaged instrument than having somebody cut it up.

  32. Lyric Coloratura Soprano she is. Light and girlish timbre, tremendous flexibility and easy fioritura, the total attributes of a Lyric Coloratura Soprano, with a well developed lower register.

  33. Mezzo voice are heavy. Mariah's voice is far from heavy.

  34. Mezzo voices aren't heavy. They have weight to them but they don't carry weight at the extent of being heavy.

  35. Mariah lightens her voices, and you can have a light voice a be a mezzo is more.

  36. That's not technically true. There are light mezzo voices, medium weight mezzos, and heavy mezzos, too. It depends on the specific voice. Just like you have heavier, darker sopranos (Patti Labelle) and light, girly sopranos (Jessica Simpson). Only the contralto is generally defined by actual weight as a primary indicator and even they vary. The other voices can have a range of weights that vary by voice and the actual part of the register involved.

  37. Well I was referring to the Mezzo voice in general, avoiding specific sub types of Mezzos. His statement was essentially saying all Mezzo voices are heavy.

  38. Oh okay. Yes, not all mezzos voices are heavy. That's inaccurate and you are right about pointing that out.

  39. LOL Taking much better care of that fiiiiine voice I see :D
    Keep it up Mimi!

  40. Her instrument is not even particularly damaged imo. It gets raspier and hoarse but it also gets pretty good. People tend to exaggerate the damage her voice has received. She's still going up to high notes that she usually doesn't in her career (eb7 with her IWKWLI performance), her lower range sounds particularly healthy going below a C3, she's belted at f5 live with a little rasp, and her falsetto sounds particularly amazing.

    Her really shitty years were e=mc2 and even then she had some great moments. I wish people would stop trying to make it sound like her voice is completely lost/not even close to her glory years. It has a little wear and tear, but it's nowhere near awful or bad. She just can't sing the brassy ballads anymore, not because of a lost of range or stamina but she's entirely changed singing styles since then. The thin, high, breezy register she's used since Butterfly has become her method of operations and, as such, her full singing has taken a bit of a dent and I prefer it this way. She sounds completely soulful, rather than bored like you hear on Music Box.

  41. LOL you delusional stan. Mimi has most definitely suffered a huge vocal decline. Even compared to Butterfly.

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