Friday 1 February 2013

[New Music] Jewel Featuring Kelly Clarkson "Foolish Games"

Jewel's Foolish Games is one of my favourite songs by the singer-songwriter, so you can understand why I had a little "moment" (not in a good way) when I heard she was rerecording the song for her February 5th-due, greatest hits album. How was it ever going to be able to improve on the perfection the original bittersweet tale of love achieved?

Well, version 2.0 has surfaced, and though it doesn't manage to top the original, it does feature a surprise duetting partner in Kelly Clarkson. This was a good move, as far I'm concerned ( and not just because I love Kelly)! To have had Jewel redo the song alone, would have led to all too easy- and probably negative- comparisons with the original being thrown about. But by including a duet partner, Jewel has given us something else to focus on: and that's Kelly's amazing vocals! Attracting some of the American Idol's fanbase -and improving her modern day relevancy- is just a bonus, really.

Only problem now is, I want to hear Kelly Clarkson sing the song in its entirety...I'm not sure that was quite the effect Jewel was hoping for by featuring her on the track!

In conclusion: does it best the original? In all honesty, no. But I still love it! Now all we need is for Kelly Clarkson to cover it on her next album. PLEASE!



  1. Oh DD that's is sooo true! I now also would really love to hear Kelly sing the whole song. But that might be because I also really like Kelly but always felt Jewels voice to be teetering on the edge of ''too whiny'' for my taste

  2. There's really no doubt in my mind that Kelly is the superior vocalist and would make an excellent cover of this sing. That being said, i found Jewel's voice much... prettier, and more fascinating, not to mention better suited to the song.. And while Kelly did well, i really felt the parts that Jewel sang... Kelly's part, not so much.

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  5. lol I am starting to suspect possibly you are really not a Kelly fan. ;-D

  6. Well, I do like her, but I really don't like her as much as I used to. I really used to love her songs; "My Life Would Suck Without You" and "Already Gone", but now I feel her music is all becoming the same: every song is 'inspirational'. Kelly's become boring in terms of her music, and she never changes up her voice (the way Mariah and Christina do every album) so that's quickly becoming boring too. In any case, I really do find Jewel's voice more to my tastes.

  7. Ahh DD! My cyber love for grows with each post. Tbh I have never really listened to Jewel before, she has a very gentle and pretty voice huh!

    Kelly could sing anything, she really could! I need a new album from her soon! Thanks for posting this :)

  8. I get what you are saying! I think its that whole self empowering theme going on in the charts just now...Cannot remember who started that shtick of recent times lol

    I also think she doesn't change up her voice too much as she knows what works best for her....if anything though her voice seems to be ascending with each release, her upper belts on Stronger were totally out of this world!

  9. I like Kelly's singing but most of her material is musically not my thing so I don't even get to lyrical content tbh.
    The only song I know that I actually like in itself is the one with Vince Gill.

  10. Katy Perry started it, I think, with "Firework".

  11. I think you could be right! Trust the rest to jump on the Perry bandwagon! lol

  12. Really? I think it started with P!nk's "Raise Your Glass" and "Fuckin' Perfect"

  13. I thought it started way back with Madonna;-)

  14. I may be the only person who dosen't like this song

  15. You aren't alone.
    Jewel's voice is too wobbly for my taste.

  16. yeah I thought I was the only person thinking that I like more strength and control, I would love Kelly singing it all

  17. I think it was always there it just took a bigger role in billboards with madonna

  18. Oh I agree it was always there.:-)
    But Stuey asked about the present day trend.
    In the futher past it was there but not always as ''spelled out'' at it is these days.

  19. Yeh....I should have known that lol especially when it was forced in ones face with such overt sexuality...enough to make a stripper blush at that!

  20. Hahaha I that a generational, cultural or personality difference but I was not all that shocked at the overt sexuality back in those days as a, to me surprising, number of way younger people today.

  21. It was shocking to me back then, but I was a naive kid! The older I got the more corny and comical Madonna became, funnily enough the gayer I also became! Perhaps I could sue her for putting me off the ladies, so to speak haha

    I suspect it is a mix of all of the above. Todays artists however just seem to be sexual for the sake of it, besides using it for quick cash and celebrity

  22. lol only if you are sorry about it . I know for sure Madonna never put me off the ladies. Not her looks in ''like a prayer'' anyway.

    I agree, the use of sexuality by divas these days is of a very different nature.

    Btw here's a female selfempowerment ditty written in 1928 ( by a man lol)

  23. Haha not sorry at all! I agree about the "like a prayer" video!

    Yes, dare I say it but these days it just seems blatantly "slutty"...I am not naming names but I know who the first one is in both of our minds, some things go without saying!

    Love the vid! :)

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