Saturday, 27 April 2013

[Full Version] Watch Beyonce Perform "Grown Woman" Live

A snippet of Grown Woman had been used for Beyonce's Pepsi commercial, but up until now the full song had alluded us. But with fans crying out for new music during her world tour, the "King" has decreed her Parisian fans worthy of the whole song! Performed during the Paris date of her Mrs Carter Show, Bey worked it like only she could: with Sasha Fierce realness!

Take a look (and listen) to the new cut, below!



  1. Flawless performance by Mrs. perfection lol. I'm not a fan of Beys new direction but I guess it works for her. Though I will say I feel like she is trying to compete with Gaga hardcore now with those effects and costumes lol. Is it just me or the biggest stars in Music starting to look more and more like Faux Queens?

  2. I LOVE this song. I wish she would release this as a single, but understand why she won't. African influenced songs aren't really commercially popular at this moment.

    But I think it's so great! From the choreography, to the vocals!

  3. Biggest stars in music? Beyonce?

  4. This is CRAP. Beyonce is Crap.

    This is real MUSIC in the making:

    Mariah is gonna make all bitches bow down.

  5. To be fair now...even I would have to agree to that being a factual statement by Brian. Had he used any other adjective likely I'd also questioned it but one of the ''biggest'' she undeniably is.

  6. This performance was great though I hate the song. I thought it couldn't be worse than "who run the world". empowerment songs make me sick....plain and simple... especially gender ones. I'm all for women and power but I don't want to listen to an annoying ass song about it. The dancing was typically Beyonce, booty this, booty that... I stand unimpressed because I see nothing drastically different about this performance except for the leopard theme....

    P.s. why do I feel like have to pick.a new favorite big cat?

  7. I'm trying not to watch it, i want the first time I hear the full song to be live in Manchester in 12 days time :P
    I hope she starts performing the song from the H&M ad, i think I prefer it to Grown Woman, sounds a little more radio friendly than this as well.

  8. I agree! At least have the decency to make it catchy... This just feels too... Generic Beyonce-ish.

  9. I thought the choreography was an improvement. She showed some good footwork (1:18-1:22,1:25-1:28,2:32-:2:38), body flexibility (1:28-1:32), body synchronization (2:42-2:48), Latin influenced dancing (3:04-3:30), and all the while singing on-key and maintaining breath. This woman's breath control and overall performance abilities are unbelievable.

  10. To each their own I guess but I didn't see anything stellar. Her choreography was similar to end of time and run the world which is why I'm no fan of it. At least I've warmed up to the song. I still hate it though... I have had a complete 180 degree turn around for her song sun. I just wanted to see something different. All of this has been done before (by her I mean), and that is just boring and can't be justified for why she decided to not differentiate her dancing. She could have done some tribal stepping, and folk dancing.. Eh...let me stop before the stans come and maul me and I have to get my ten mil and start putting some rounds in some hoes...

  11. Idk, It seemed to me that she was giving a throwback to Obama's Inauguration by miming this performance ;).

  12. I feel as though shes going the wrong direction with this song, she should realize that the reason why rihanna is outdoing her in terms of popularity is because rihanna is doing everything in terms of the type of music she releases - beyonce just keeps releasing R&B songs especially geared towards one gender - this dramatically reduces the chances of this song doing well + beyonce will always be much more talented than rihanna, but her performances come off as corny and very safe (even though shes a great dancer) there is just something ghetto (as my friend would put it) about the way her performances are set up and some of her music

    plus i usually like some of the songs i initially hear from bey but from what I have heard so far, nothing is that impressive

  13. I love this song, I think it's really catchy!
    I understand that some people won't like it, but I'm surprised at the amount of people that dislike it on here. I think it might be one of those songs that have to grow on you.

  14. Honey that rumour has been debunked for months...
    But I highly doubt she was lip synching considering she talked a few times. Beyonce never lip synchs on tour either.

  15. That rumor definitely has not been debunked. She basically admitted that she lip synced during the inauguration. I don't believe for one second that she doesn't lip sync on tour either; I've seen some questionable tour footage from her. Also, lip syncing to a pre-recorded vocal track does not equate live singing.

  16. The notes in this video arent perfect: she growls, pants, and talks. You just seem like an annoying anti-stan who can't let credit be given unless you care for the person.

  17. Well damn then... For one he has an opinion and if you can't respect that then keep you thumbs away from the computer's keyboard. He has no doubt that Beyonce is an incredible vocalist and there is nothing wrong with lip syncing anyways. The simple fact of the matter is that Beyonce doesn't have a perfect track record and due to her being a creature called a HUMAN, so.... Need I explain more? I got a bit lazy. I know you get the point...

  18. I notice I have an issue. I'll defend someone who is bashing a singer but I'll attack someone who is in a favoring position. I do that quite a lot on here and youtube... Lol.

    Yeah, I think lip syncing is not bad when you only do it once a year or two or if you do do it, no one knows. Beyonce's was so well fabricated that I was fooled till someone snitched. With her skill set, she really shouldn't have to lip sync even when she is sick or afraid of the weather.

  19. Debunked? In what universe? All we've gotten from the stans are some questionable statements and iffy footage.

  20. She has lipped on tour, not full performances, but bits and pieces of songs.

  21. Not sure what you mean by ''in a favoring position''?

    But I think Mel never is mindlessly bashing and I did find Bored's suggestion he is, a rather unfair suggestion. Maybe that is what bothered you as well?

    I myself have a different view on lipsyncing. I find it reprehensible at all times. But sometimes a little more and some times a little less.

  22. I mean, I attack people who hopelessly defend a singer and stand at a point where there is no reconciliation between a person who has an opinion (whether good or bad) and a fan who has no respect for that opinion. If that makes sense. That was the only way I can place the words for now. Lol

  23. What do you mean by bits and pieces of songs? And do you have ant examples?

  24. Not this again... lol
    But yes, it was debunked. She said so in the pre superbowl interview that she was singing along to a prerecorded track, which does not constitute as lip synching.

  25. She said she was singing along to a prerecorded track which means she sang while there was prerecording of her singing. This was also comfirmed by audio engineers. Now I doubt you'll accept my standpoint, but just know that my evidence does outweigh yours. And it doesn't seem like she did to me. She wasn't even perfect. But the tour reviews seem to suggest like the show is quite the spectacle.

  26. Thanks! Get what you meant now. :-)

  27. Similar to what Mariah does. Mixing in live vocals with pre-recorded vocals. Off the top of my head she has always lipped the higher notes in Freakum Dress, and Suga' Mama.

    I'll get back to you on this, I have a friend on the youtube community who is an avid Beyonce fan, he keeps a list of what she has lipped. Beyonce doesn't really interest me so I don't pay attention to her live works or studio works, I don't really listen to English artists that much anymore either.

  28. TBH, I think beyonce is still on that "self pleasing" thing so, she is singing what she wants to rather, than trying to be a generalist. Since she is 31, she has to find a niche and settle down... It is just that time. You don't stay popular forever. However, I question the fact that she might not take this sitting down. I'm a huge fan of R&B and generally hate other genres (exaggeration on how much I lsiten to R&B), but R&B is in need of a serious overhaul. I don't like Beyonce's direction either. I was hoping she would keep the Elizabithian theme, and combine R&B with opera like what bow down hinted...

    If I ever get discovered, I'd do operatic metal, and fusion of R&B with Pakistani folk songs because that is where my heart is. TBH, I don't care for the popularity...I just care for the expansive culture I can dibble and dabble in with my songs.

    I also like what beyonce is trying to do with the african influences but from what I heard, it just isn't up to par. In fact, i somewhat find it offensive that she diluted african music so much. I grew up on listeining to kettle drums and metal clackers being harmonized, with these maraca like instruments made of hardened animal hide and smooth stones. Then the singing was just stellar, with ornamentation out of this world, joyous chants, and crazy vibes you get. It wasn't even a song. It was a story told in the most dramatic way...

    I wounder am I asking for too much? lol

    I just want to be the artist who conveys a message so powerful in the music that it just ignites your how african tribal music did for me as a little boy.

  29. The audience did not hear the live singing, the people sitting at home did not hear the live singing. The only people who heard her sing were the band.

  30. Ah, I am glad to hear your opion from you. I chose to use the word anti-stan because it seems if you ever defend an artist especially beyonce for some reason you are labeled a stan but I have noticed that some seem to attack artit again especially bey for what seemed to me as no reason. I thought you falled in the second catagory but that was apparently humor i am not a partager off.

  31. I don't dislike Beyonce for no reason. I dislike her because I feel that she is disingenuous. I think I would have more respect for her as an artist if she gave credit where it is due. I'm not going to get into her countless scandals and plagiarism but what Beyonce fails to realize is that you don't need to write and produce every song to be consider an artist or to have a vision.

  32. Arthur do you know what this means? It means on certain parts she song on others she lip synced. Again, I see nothing wrong with it. Though she was perfectly fine and not all so to some it may be inexcusable but I'm just being nice on that note.

    That is how that works.

  33. I think I clariffied that my assumption was wrong but I would say is I am not the biggest fan of bey my I was just tired of this crusase against 'stans' I feel specifically sorry for arthuf

  34. Went and listened. I'm not familiar with the technical terms and all. So, you'll have to forgive me if I fail to be clear.
    Thought you sound at times like you have trouble staying in melody but since a lot was a capella, that is not surprising. Or maybe that is by choice and what you meant with quirky style?
    I think your voice is nice, especially when you go fuller force so to speak ( higher)
    That song 'home' I liked best. At times I very much liked your tone indeed. Seems to me maybe you should try some old blues songs. For some reason those times you sing higher made me think of Billie Holliday. Your voice then has that feel of the blues ( blues of the Billie Holliday era)

    Hope that all made some sense? I think you should definitely stay with it but maybe explore your voice singing different styles more.
    So you'll learn exacty how and when your voice works best
    All in all, happy I dont habe tobe too dipomatic and thee isactual positive stuff to say. :-)

  35. Arthur seems to be hanging in there just fine. Seeing as he keeps deliberately engaging the socalled anti-stans.
    Doesn't look to me as if he is really suffering.

  36. Thanks for listening. I'll check out Billie Holiday as well. As for my acapella, I have trouble singing anything slower than mid tempo. Lol. I just want to sing all songs fast for some reason.

    Also, I have a pressure issue with my larynx that makes my voice scoop. It used to be uncontrollable but I've gotten better. My employ the scoop in some of my runs. I just need more practice to smoothie out my rough edges.

    Again, I say thanks. :-)

  37. So maybe that ought to be your style...sing fast, not slow. Maybe that is your strength?
    If it is, I think you should go with that. :-)

  38. No, you did clarify your point. I just wanted to explain why I dislike Beyonce in particular. Also, Normally I don't address Stans directly unless they comment on something I wrote first. It's honestly a waste of time debating something with a stan because they will defend their fave vehemently no matter what. As for Arthur, Ihave no sympathy. At times he brings the crusade on to himself , and I honestly think he enjoys the back and forth banter. With that being said, I respect his right to hold an opinion as well as worship Beyonce. The last time I seriously got into it with Arthur was because he called me a cunt.

  39. I'll test it out in other demos. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, my belting register is my strongest area. I'm more comfortable in my upper chest than I am in those low notes you heard me hit in those covers. My weakest area is my falsetto and head voice though. As of the past two and a half months, it has improved leaps and bounds.

    And I don't know where to start to get discovered lol

  40. Well, get on all the sites like youtube etc, But also try to get gigs or even just stand on a strategic streetcorner and sing. Find out how others were discovered and try to get into simular situations.
    But be prepared to get your soul stomped on many times as well and try to stick to your guns neverthless. :-)

  41. I will. Thanks again. I plan on taking it too the next level soon when I purchase my keyboard.

  42. What the audience and people at home heard was her singing, while a prerecording of her singing was playing as well.

    But I told you the reasons why my evidence outweighs yours, and me saying so was not one.

    The statement of the spokeswoman was later claimed untrue by a higher-raking official for the band.

  43. All I do is defend my fave. If arguing is a byproduct of that, so be it. I will say, on the outside looking in, I am a bit obsessed with her, but what's a boy to do?
    BTW, I don't have an account on here, so I can't downvote. And I accept that people don't like Beyonce, that's a terrible argument. Are you saying that the entire philosophy surrounding debate is flawed because people have different opinions. Beyonce is something I'm passionate about, so of course I'll argue about her.

  44. I called you a cunt? If so, I apologize.

  45. It's alright. I don't take anything said on here personally.

  46. From my understanding, there was a pre-recorded vocal playing, and she was singing along with the pre-recording, but what the audience and people at home heard was not her live voice, it was the pre-recorded track. If her mic was on, you would be able to hear the live singing and that wasn't the case at the inauguration.

  47. I haven't heard that argument before. At least you're original in your accusations of Beyonce!

  48. She doesn't do it nearly as much as Mariah though.

    And that doesn't surprise me. She was barely able to hit G5's back then, it's no surprise she can't do it now that she's older.

  49. I like the song and of course the performance was great because she's a great performer, but it's nothing new, it's typical Beyonce. For someone with such critical acclaim and overbearing hype, she sure doesn't think outside the box too often. She's always relying on the same ol' "perfection" schtick. And while that's great because we all love perfection, it starts to come off as fake and robotic. I want to see the real Beyonce, not the one that has every move, every breath, and every hair flip scripted and rehearsed.

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  52. Whether or not she does it as much as Mariah is irrelevant. Also, as discussed, Beyonce lacks the medical conditions that plague Mariah.

  53. Your brought this upon yourself.

  54. I didn't say it was a matter of Beyonce's medical condition. It's just a matter not being able to hit G5's anymore.

  55. I wasn't addressing that: I was referring to your mention of Mariah. That you assumed otherwise doesn't surprise me.

  56. I was just giving you the reason for Beyonce lipping those parts of those songs. And I mentioned Mariah because Serendipity mentioned her.

  57. Frankly, I really don't care about said reason.

    If that is the case, then I apologize. I found your mention of Mariah somewhat provocative.

  58. arthurell it was not my intention to provoke. Especially not to provoke a fellow lamb about Mariah Carey. I was just drawing a line and saying that their use of lip synching is different.

  59. ANTHONYSAVAGE1 May 2013 at 01:16

    Ummm hasn't she done enough songs about women empowerment!!! #LAME

  60. Uh... most performers don't.

  61. It has this late 80s latin dance style to it, and it's really fun. I could tell from 4 and her comments on writing the songs that she wanted to keep going in that direction, but this won't be the biggest feature of her upcoming work.

  62. i aggree so much its scary I hate how if you defend someone youare labeled a stan and arguement is made devoid its one of the few things I don't like about the blog. But I will say its spread over more artist than beyonce.

  63. I saw her at the O2 last night, sounds and looks much better live than it did in the video. The beat just wanted to make me dance even though I'd been standing up for 4+ hours.

  64. Lucky! Still no new music though? :|

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