Friday 10 January 2014

[Watch] Tamar Braxton Takes "All The Way Home" To The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Looks like Tamar Braxton is getting back her vocal mojo! Praise Jebus! Taking All The Way Home to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Diva gave a striking rendition of the knockout ballad lifted from last year's Love And War LP.

Her voice was impressively on point throughout, and I especially loved how she worked those growls into the vocal early on in the performance. The note on the climax- the E5- was a little too brassy for my liking but the freedom she exhibits in the fifth octave is stunning. As is her ability to employ  vibrato to those notes.

I hope more Divas out there take note of Tamar's use of live instrumentation. The energy it brings is one that a backing track just can't deliver. It does remove an element of control from the performance- such as the drums, excellent as they were, being a little too prominent at points *side eyes the sound technician*- but the atmosphere it creates makes it totally worth the risk.

More Tamar in 2014, please!


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