Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Is Kanye West Protégé Pia Mia Set To Replace Rihanna? Listen To "Red Love" And Decide!

Okay, so the Daily Mail- the place I go to get informed on EVERYTHING- is telling me that Pia Mia (hmm, not sure about the rhyming name) is Kanye West's answer to Barbadian beauty, Rihanna.

Honestly, I don't think he's actually trying to replace her, considering him and Ri be tight like that fecking jar of jam I can't get the lid off of in the fridge. Instead, he'll probably be using her as a template for managing this up-and-coming artist's career- she already has the "edgy" style and the "exotic" look.

But where did he find this new protege? Behind the McDonald's, rifling through the bins? Not bloody likely! Pia was probably brought to the attention of the Diva (yes, I'm referring to Kanye) by his sister-in-law, Kylie Jenner. But sure, she looks the part, but can she sing?

Listening to new track Red Love, I'd say yes. There's definitely inflections of Rihanna in the belt and vibrato. But there's more to her voice, with a Leona Lewis-like high falsetto at 3.06 demonstrating an upper range that Ri doesn't have.

I really hope Kanye doesn't push the Rihanna thing too much- or at all, actually. We've already seen how a singer banking too much on imitating another, rather than creating their own identity, can eventually backfire...*cough* Rita Ora *cough*....


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