Monday, 24 March 2014

Tinashe Releases First Music Video On A Major Label With Single "2 On"

Whoop, Tinashe time! This girl has been someone I've consistently been checking on since she came to my attention via her brilliant EPs In Case We Die, Reverie and Black Water.

However,  new single 2 On sees the Diva's first release on a major label (RCA Records). With this deal obviously comes an increased budget for her videos- just check out the stark contrast between it and last, Who Am I Working For . The choreography and styling is also much improved by the injection of coins.

It's just a shame the song isn't as strong as the material that came from her independent work. The rap was particularly painful to sit through, and I cringed throughout.

Still, I'm psyched for the new album- which should be coming later this year.

[A few oldies]



  1. I absolutely adore Tinashe and this song and her music and everything. I don't think 2 On is as good as some of her other work, but it's a jam to introduce her to a more mainstream audience. But of course, the rap was not as fun to sit through as the rest of the song.

    But I'm just wondering, how many record labels pitch a debut music video to an artist by saying "hey, how about we try this thing that NO ONE has ever done before, hear me out: We start of with you dancing in an abandoned warehouse with a few friends, and then cut to a massive dance party as the song builds up."

  2. LOL No I was referring to Celine sounding "basic" to your ears and that being a negative in your view. Which basically seems to mean..less "frill and glitter" more straightforward.

    As well as thinking Mariah is "hotter" which is due, I am pretty sure seeing as it definitely isn't sexual interest from your side, to the way she dresses. Which is more in line with the gay male concept of "glamorous" than Celine's style.

    Whether that is being attracted to "fine" things is another question altogether.
    Personally, though I have seen some gorgeous" Versace in the past, I'd say it is all rather gaudy.

    My idea of "fine" things would be understated and sophisticated. More Donna Karan (not YK but what Streisand wears). :-)

  3. dd do review of this video and her album please


  5. Interesting article!

  6. tonally i dont find celine that unique, she and lara fabian sound the same. and maybe just i dont hear Celine the way you do? i couldn't care less in the runs and riffs.

    I think it is the boobs and overall beauty of Mariah, the clothes are nice touch but seriously in my opinion, between celine and mimi, i think mariah is prettier.

    and im guessing you had tons of Versace back in the 90's where Gianni was still alive wherein it was really too showy. but what i really like is Donatella's interpretation of Versace. i think she really nailed it. Feminine, sexy, wearable, sophisticated, SUPER FINE. :3

    and if we are going to Dona Karan which is chic, wearable, sophisticated and very timely. i dig this:

  7. LOL Guess I DO hear something else than you do.
    Now you went from "hot" to "pretty". Really "officially" not the same thing. Her boobs? Are you sure you are a gay male?

    And no, I don't recall tons of Versace.
    I think that the Versace outfit looks gaudy/trashy. The kind of thing Nouveau riche Russian "blondes" would wear. Or the people primo thinks of when he thinks Christina fan. ;-D

  8. I should have been given her a chance... All I gotta say Tinashe is stay away from the beyhive... Beyonce will Kerri Hilson your ass if you're not careful. LOL Jk... And her dance style is intoxicating.