Friday, 14 March 2014

[Music Video] Jennifer Lopez Blurs Lines With "I Luh Ya PaPi" Video

I think the way I think about Jennifer Lopez is how others think about her nemesis Mariah Carey: Are there still people actually out there that care enough about her music to make it a viable revenue stream for the Diva?

Either there are fans buying her music, or this new assault on the airwaves has to be a music career in its death throes. Whatever the case, a new video has arrived for single, I Luh Ya PaPi- which comes from her TENTH album! TEN albums!??! Now that is a shocker.

The song is actually cute, I don't think I'll be bopping to it again, but I did enjoy the lightheartedness of it all during my first listen. I may even check out its housing album, depending on my feelings on single number two.

The video is also kinda hot neat, with JLo turning the objectification trope on its head- think lots of men in skimpy clothes. However, that does slightly fall apart when French Montana appears for his segment, so maybe this video an equal opportunity objectification session. Either way, there's something for all ya pervs.



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