Monday 28 April 2014

[Listen] Get Tropical With Beyonce's "Standing On The Sun"

Was Beyonce's Standing On The Sun ever released? Though I remember parts of the song, I personally don't remember the track- which was recorded for Bey's H&M campaign- ever getting a full airing. (Just because I blog about music, doesn't mean I should know EVERYTHING, right?)

Anyway, the track is out on Soundcloud, so for those who haven't heard it (like moi), take a listen. First impressions are that I like it. The summery vibe is particularly lovely, as is Beyonce's delivery. But what I really love is the dark undertone the chorus brings to the song and the heavy chords that play throughout it.

So what ya waiting for? Whip up a piña colada and get into this slice of summer! (Me accenting "piña colada" and not "Beyonce" is not me being shady, FYI. I directly cut and pasted the spelling of the cocktail from Google- fancy letter and all!)



  1. Now I'm sure there must be low notes that I've missed out on, so if anyone can find any let me know. However, the low in Breath Me does sound like it's reaching the bottom of her range. The top I'm pretty confident with, though. But still, send me any extra notes you find!


    i saw a singing thread a long time ago saying she hits some low notes (b2 or a2 i think) in this song. i dont have good pitch tho so i wouldnt know

  3. the fourm was kinda sketchy tho so idk if i trust it

  4. YAY! For the first time in forever you included Sia! lol