Thursday, 31 July 2014

Yes, That Is Mariah Carey In Katy Perry's Video For "This Is How We Do"!

I am feeling the video for Katy Perry's new single, This is How We do. Really, I am!

The song itself isn't bad, being another kinda generic ode to going out, getting stupidly drunk and putting it about- sorta my life story. But my enjoyment of it has been enhanced a hundredfold by the playful visuals the song has been given.

This is where Katy needs to be when it comes to making videos if she wants grown-ups like me to pay attention, without losing the coinage of her younger fans. The video manages to straddle the two demographics nicely, maintaining the Diva's colorful and kooky persona, but serving it in a way that doesn't give us olds indigestion. It's a wins-win, in my opinion!

Whether This Is How We Do will give Katy Perry her next number one (how many is it now? Six?), I don't know. But any video that has a MARIAH CAREY* cameo deserves to go at least top ten!


*Yeah, it's not really her...but I'm going to pretend otherwise. The delusion is real.

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