Friday, 4 July 2014

[Watch] Sia Sings "Elastic Heart" @ Kimmel Live

Jeez Louise, Sia's performances are getting more and more nightmarish as time goes on!

Giving her first (I think) live showing of  Elastic Heart on Kimmel live, the Diva brought with her a group of demonic clowns to dance a creepy and disturbing routine for the (probably scared out of their mind) audience. If you don't want to sleep again, take a look at the video. 

As for the vocals, these were most assuredly live, with Sia struggling in parts. It was interesting to hear her sing The Weeknd's part (note:he features on the studio version), but this rendition made me realise I was wrong when I said the song would have been better without him. It's not.

I dread to think what's coming next, visually, from the Diva.

Update: Chandelier and Big Girls Cry.


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