Monday, 8 September 2014

[Watch] Hillary Duff Lip-syncs Her Way Through "All About You" @ Australian X-Factor

Being British and not of appropriate age when this Diva was a Disney kid, it's perhaps unsurprising I'm unaware of Hillary Duff's musical output. Some of you may may not be so ignorant, and actually be super excited about the Phoenix Downing of her musical career -wiki tells me her last release was 2007's Dignity- so I thought I'd post this.

On the promotional trail, the Texan took her new single All About You to the Australian X-Factor, line dancing and lip-syncing to it for the Aussie audience. (Funny story, I just looked up the term "lip sync" on Wiki and Beyonce is the image used for the article...hehehehe)

Needless to say, this performance didn't get me pumped for All About You or the Diva's return. Maybe some of you guys- more familiar with her work- can point me in the direction of some better material.


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