Thursday 30 October 2014

Kiesza & Jessie Ware Rock American Early Morning Television

Not together, of course! Separately, these Divas brought their undeniable talents to the television sets of our American cousins, waking them from their slumber with musical goodness. Let's see what we missed out on.

Jessie Ware took Tough Loves' second single, Say You Love Me, to the Today show. It was a pitch perfect vocal from the Diva, featuring belts that actually sounded more resonate than that found on the studio version. My only complaint was the backing track being used in lieu of an actual choir- but that's just me being a buttface.

Performance number two comes from Kiesza, who gave Good Morning America a stonking rendition of her smash hit, Hideaway.

The effortless and consistent way this lady reaches those fifth octave belts still amazes me, and she does it all while dancing! I just wish she'd give a little shine to some of her other material, but I suppose they'll be time for that later.

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