Thursday 30 October 2014

[Mash-Up] Taylor Swift & Beyonce - "XO" / "Out Of the Woods"

So it looks like Taylor is going to break the one million mark with the first week sales of latest album 1989. If she does, it will make it the third time in a row the Diva has accomplished this mammoth feat, bucking the trend -and perhaps breaking the curse- of no album, released this year, hitting platinum status in the States.

The last Diva to flog a million units was Beyonce, but her self titled album hit the shelves last year. Still, it seems fitting that Junesmoon picked these two Divas to mash together for his/her latest project. Take a listen to the resulting track, which pairs the vocal from Beyonce's XO with the backing of Tay's Out Of the Woods, and see if you find it to your liking!

Also, if anyone has heard Taylor's 1989, let me know what you think of it.


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