Friday 5 December 2014

[Discuss] 2015 Grammy Nominations

Yep, this is last years graphic. You can see just how much this award show means to me...

The 2015 Grammy Nominations are in- whoopie(!)

To spice things up- because, let's be real, many of us aren't bothered- let's put our imaginary money where our imaginary mouths are and bet on who will win what!  (My picks are by no mean an indication of who I want to win- it's who I think the Grammy judges will go with.)

Winner: Coldplay
Comment: KATY PERRY!?! Are. You. Kidding. ME!!!!!! The award name has the words "best" and "Vocal" in the title!!

 Winner: Sam Smith
Comment: SIA! SIA! SIA! SIA!

Winner: Miranda Lambert (I don't know any of the other nominees!)
Comment: Should I be embarrassed that I don't know any of the others?

Winner: Beyonce
Comment: The hive will literally end Jhene Aiko if she wins that award...I kinda hope she does. Just for the drama that will follow (sorry, Jhene!)


Winner: Jack White
Comment: Really happy to see Paramore there! Hope they win

Winner:Iggy Azalea
Comment: I reckon they'll give Igloo the award just for the controversy. Either her or Sam will win the most awards on the night. Gotta have that award streak every year.

Winner: Ziggy Marley
Comment: Not my genre. Bar Sean Paul, I haven't heard anything from any of those albums

There are 50 gajillion other categories, but I'm not going to bother adding those. If you want to discuss those, feel free to in the comments. [You can read the entire list here]


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