Thursday 4 December 2014

Mariah Carey Gives Haters All They Want For Christmas With Questionable Vocals @ Rockefeller Center

I know we've gotten used to inconsistencies from Ms. Mariah Carey when it comes to the vocals delivered on any given night. But darn tooting, I was hoping the regimen of touring had whipped those pipes into a better shape than those with which she came to Christmas In Rockefeller Center with.

Most noticeable was the issue Carey was having with her head voice/falsetto, which at times looked -from the Diva's shocked face- to have gained sentience, and was doing whatever the hell it pleased. It was little wonder then, that she also suffered problems transitioning between registers - as the cracks in this isolated stream of her vocals reveals more clearly. (Whoever leaked that, you did Mariah so

However, small blessings time: Mariah's mid-range was sounding strong, with the diva appearing to be confident when hanging out there. This wasn't enough to salvage the rendition though, and the Diva swiftly received a barrage of online (negative) appraisals as soon as the performance went live.


Should add, I do think this was a bad day for Mariah, and was not indicative of something more serious. Y'all can return those tombstones you got for her voice!


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