Monday 8 December 2014

[Watch] Demi Lovato Replaces Ariana Grande During "Bang Bang" Live Showing

Ariana Grande move over! Demi Lovato is the vocalist we really deserved for the Jessie J collaboration extravaganza that was Bang Bang. And thanks to a live showing in San Jose, CA, we finally got to hear how the song could have sounded if a punchier vocalist had taken up the reigns of the track's second vocalist.

(Okay, I'm jesting. Ariana definitely brought the goods on her version too. Calm down, Arianators.)

Still, it is interesting to hear a different sort of vocalist tackle the song. What we really need though, to be able to truly appreicate this version, is for this pairing to get into the studio and give us a mastered cut. What do you say Jessie? It would breath new life into your biggest ever hit, Stateside. You could even enlist Azealia Banks to take Nicki Minaj's place! Give the whole thing an edgier feel.

Come on, be a sport! DOOOOOO IT!!!


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