Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Demi Lovato Brings "Let It Go" To Royal Variety Show 2014

Two Demi Lovato posts in as many days! People will start to talk if this trend persists!!

Today's post is solely about Demi- no other singers cluttering up the stage here- and her appearance at the Royal Variety Show, where she got to sing in front of British Royalty and other supposedly important people. Lucky her!

Unfortunately not singing anything original- perhaps fearing the stuffy audience wouldn't be able to handle or relate to it- Demi opted to belt out her rendition of Frozen's Let It Go. It wasn't her best showing of the song, clearly having issues at the extremities of her range. But she was in a different country, playing to an audience of penguins and ball gowns, so I imagine the nerves must have gotten the better of her on the night.

Check it out, you may disagree!


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