Tuesday 13 January 2015

Pharrell Puts Adele In The Same Vocal League As Mariah And Whitney!!! Is He Wrong, Though?

Pharrell Williams seems hell bent on getting a collaboration with British singer-songwriter Adele- run for you life, girl! How else do you explain him putting the Diva in the same vocal bracket as actual legends, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston?

Speaking to XPOSÉ Online, the man of many talents was quoted as saying :
"It would be amazing to work with such a talent. I have been excited about her since I first heard 'Rolling in The Deep'. If the opportunity comes up in 2015 for us to work together - them I am totally down with that."

No lies told here, right? He continues to speak the truth when questioning the flippant use of the word "legend" today (is that Beyonce shade, I wonder). But the interview quickly takes a wrong turn when he does the same thing and applies the adjective to a Diva who is only two albums into her career:
"I think today comparisons are thrown about too easily when it comes to comparing current artists with legends. In Adele's case, I think it is warranted though."

And then comes the lie to end all lies :
"She has a voice that, like Mariah and Whitney, is only going to come along every 20 years or so."
Okay, fine. He didn't claim Adele's voice was like theirs in sound or style. Instead Pharrell seems to be saying her voice is a rarity and one that doesn't surface often. Still, there were definitely more apt singers he could have compared Adele to- Dusty Springfleid / Alison Moyet- to get his opinion across. After all, throwing around anything that might be misconstrued as a comparative to vocalists like Mariah and Whitney is bound to get twisted-  a fact nicely illustrated by my title!

What do you guys think? Is Adele already a "Legend"? Is she on the same level as Mariah and Whitney when it comes to vocal excellence? Watch the videos below, vote, comment and let me know!


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