Tuesday 13 January 2015

Jazmine Sullivan Drops Instagram Anthem With "Mascarra"

There is a word I could have used in place of Instagram in the title. It starts with "T" and Beyonce uses it in the remix of Flawless. But I refuse to. I'm too old, and definitely not hip enough to utter it- even in print. Still, this song sums up a segment of society- who are regularly on Insta- using their "assets" to get those bills paid.

Amy Winehouse did a similar thing just over a decade ago with the cutting F^^^ Me Pumps, but Jazmine has brought the song bang up to date with references to current trends for G5s, plastic bottoms and fake hair.

Unlike Amy, though, Jazmine chose to write her take from the prospective of  one of these women. In doing so she offers up an insight- which is actually pretty accurate from all accounts- of how these individuals feel.The lines, "So, don't I deserve to be privileged? Don't I deserve to get the very best?" and "..them b**ches stay mad cause they working so hard, while I'm working so smart" are ones I've read myself (paraphrased, mind) of people defending their choice to make their money in this fashion.

To be honest, I'm not sure if the Diva is shading or not with Mascara. The ignorance espoused in the lyric "and my t*ts get me trips to places I can't pronounce right" might suggest so, but it's never expressly stated either way in the song.. Whatever the case, it's great to hear a Diva giving us material that is fresh and relevant. In fact her latest album, Reality Show, is full of gems like this. 


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