Thursday 15 January 2015

FKA Twigs Mesmerises With "Pendulum" Visuals

FKA Twigs continues to explore her creativity with not only her musical output, but her stunning visuals too. In the self-directed video for new single Pendulum, watch as the Diva quite literally becomes a physical manifestation of the song title, being held in stasis by her hair.

Dealing with aspects of bondage, it's of no surprise the Diva felt the need to clarify her intention with the video before it was even released. Speaking to the Creative Review, she said:
It makes me feel sick if I’m in a video trying to look as hot as I can look…. Although in my music there is an element of sensuality, it’s not really about sex, it’s not really about being sexy, it’s actually so much deeper than that. I think that’s why it’s really important that I have been directing my own videos, because maybe other people wouldn’t understand that.
Expanding further on this, and specifically on the video for Pendulum, the Diva offered up this interesting anecdote of how self-directing has allowed her to maintain and control her artistic vision.
I had to explain to the cameraman that ‘you’ve done it from a man’s eye view’,” she says. “’You’re shooting and you’re going from my face down to my chest and it’s great but it’s not me’. I was like ‘let’s look at my calves, let’s look at feet tied up, let’s look at the marks on my arms, let’s find things that are more interesting’.
Was she successful in walking that fine line between sexual and sensual? Watch the video for Pendulum and decide for yourself.


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