Monday 16 February 2015

[Review] Watch Ariana Grande Deliver Her 2015 NBA All-Star Half Time Show

ariana Grande NBA Half-time 2015

Christina Aguilera may have opened the NBA All-Star Show, but the honor of performing at its half-time fell to Diva in training, Ariana Grande.

Starting her ten minute-plus extravaganza with Problem, the Diva delivered  a slightly sloppy rendition- with issues in her breath control being evident from the outset. However, she did hit a G#5 like it was nothing at the song's climax, so yay her.

Next followed The Weeknd-assisted Love Me Harder, which only highlighted the issues with her breathing further. The sparse opening was particularly unforgiving, leaving nowhere for her voice to hide. Things improved considerably when it came to her debut single, The Way.

Past this point I started to lose interest, but I persevered on to the next song One Last Time which featured some surprisingly (for Ariana) resonant, mid-range belts. The claps of Jessie J's Bang Bang reinvigorated me a little further, but I wasn't feeling the sloppy ad-libs or the lack of chemistry between her and Nicki Minaj (who looked like she was ready to knock someone out for an unknown reason).

The closer came from Break Free, but by this point I was kind of exhausted with the whole thing! Saying that, I have to give praise to Ariana for the show in general. For someone so new in the game, she has improved a whole heap, pretty fast.


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