Thursday, 5 March 2015

[Music Video] Tinashe - "Bated Breath"

I had the pleasure of seeing up-and-coming Diva, Tinashe live in London on Monday. In truth I wasn't expecting much, having seen a few of her live performances on the Tube which is You. However in person, this woman not only sounds better, but exudes a stage presence that doesn't, unfortunately for her, imprint on to digital celluloid very well.

Perhaps as part of this promotional push for her first album Aquarius, the Diva has debuted the self-funded visuals for one of my favorite songs from the LP: Bated Breath. This is in spite of her last official single, All Hands on Deck, still impacting on radio. An odd decision, but one which raises suspicions that the singer-songwriter has differing opinions to her label (who no doubt are trying to recapture and expand on the success of her breakthrough hit 2 On)  on how to promote the project.

Bated Breath is definitely not for everyone - pretty sure most of you will start yawning a couple of seconds in, and be asleep not long after- but I love it.

(Note: the song actually starts at the three minute mark.)


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