Sunday 5 April 2015

[New Music] Beyonce Delivers Sublime Vocals On "Tidal" Advertisement

Releasing exclusive content by Beyonce is definitely one way to get people up and taking note of Jay Z's new streaming service Tidal.

Debuting new song, Die With You, onto the novel endeavor, this rough demo finds the vocals and instrumentation handled solely by the Diva. Who's filming this magical moment, you ask? Well her adoring hubby, of course.

Let's be real right from the start, the piano playing is basic. I can't knock a girl for trying, still some of the fans swooning over this grade -1 playing is slightly nuts. However, what is anything but basic is Bey's voice, which is simply stunning. Seriously, listen to not only the control of the highs and lows but also the application of dynamics and texture. This is a master at work!

More surprising than the skills on display- because we know she is a vocal beast- is the emotion the diva manages to weave into this candid take. We've all seen the diva deliver almost robotically flawless performances, but this was one that actually managed to be fully realised in both technical and emotional skill.

Something about the last album changed Beyonce, and I'm glad for it. I feel like we're finally seeing something beneath the pageant-y veneer.


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