Thursday 23 April 2015

Beyonce Comes For Haters With Tidal Exclusive "Killing My"!!! Also, Is Tidal DOA?

A new song from Beyonce has appeared on the (currently flatlining) streaming service, Tidal!

Killing My is reportedly one of the hundreds of tracks recorded by the Diva that were ultimately deemed unworthy for major release. And listening to it, I can kinda see why this diss track never made it past the finish line.

That's not to say there isn't the bones of  a good track within. After all, I love ratchet Bey as much anyone. It's just, as it is, I can't get over how ugly Bey's tone sounds. I know some of y'all are living for it, but to me it's jarring and at complete odds to the beautifully lyrical quality I expect from the Diva.

I'm still suspicious that the pitch hasn't been artificially shifted down in the YouTube version embedded, since even 7/11 saw Bey's voice remain gorgeous despite a similar delivery. However it's just as likely Bey was playing with her voice and trying something new here. After all she does have a versatile instrument. Either way, me no likey.

Along with discussing the song, feel free to speak on Tidal. Just a little current context for those not in the know: Jay Z's "revolutionary" new streaming service has exited the top 700 Apps on the iTunes store. Welp!


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