Monday 22 June 2015

Janet Jackson Returns with "No Sleeep" ! Go Tell Yo Mamma!


In spite of me and my crumby blogging, you guys must have heard that the youngest of the Jackson family is mounting a return to music. With a new album due, as well as a world tour, the Diva is gearing up to make 2015 a year fans will remember.

Now usually we get an uptempo as a lead. But being in love (she's married, didn't cha know), the Diva has served up a seductive slow jam with No Sleeep. Can you say "slow burner"! Well if you can't, start practising, because that is exactly what it is.

So light some candles, bust out the wine and get ready for some seduction. Just don't cry when the track finishes and you're still all alone ...To help (me) with the crushing pain of loneliness- in addition to your thoughts on No Sleeep- leave your favourite Janet song in the comments.


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