Tuesday 21 July 2015

Lisa Fischer Vs. Whitney Houston: Who was the Better Vocalist?

The comparison between Whitney Houston and Lisa Fischer isn't one I've personally made before.

It was actually a YouTube video (featured below) that got to me to thinking about the pair in any sort of adversarial way. And the longer I ruminated on it, the more I realised Ms. Fischer's dark and rich voice was way more suitable an instrument to compare Whitney's to than say -the oft pitted against Divas- Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

Though Whitney is undoubtedly a vocalist onto herself, I will say this for Lisa: ignoring the added range, her voice (in my opinion) was more versatile, having a wider selection of timbres and colours to play with. She demoed this expertly during her live performance of How I Can I Ease The Pain, which I urge anyone unfamiliar with Lisa to view before voting. I've also added the Diva performing the same song, last year. You'll hear that though the range has narrowed, the control is still exceptional.

That of course does not make her better, but it's food for thought for those who would immediately dismiss Lisa in favour of the legendary Whitney Houston.


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