Thursday 23 July 2015

[Wailing wall] C5 Showdown!

I know some of y'all are impatient, but please give the page about 10 seconds to load. Lot of audio files- Fank you!

Aretha Franklin C5mariah carey c5Christina Aguilera c5patti labelle c5celine Dion c5beyonce c5Whitney C5Taylor c5britney c5katy perry c5kelly rowland C5leann c5michelle c5keshakylie c5nicoles c5rihanan c5arinan c5tamar c5barbra streisand c5solange c5leonaadele c5demic5minnie c5floc5leac5gagac5jessc5bjorkc5reginec5maryjc5monnc5mileyc5tonibc5elliegc5sohyangc5annielc5kellycc5siac5rachellefpinkc5larac5jhudc5Anastaciac5

A little fun today with this (somewhat) interactive post titled the Wailing wall. How does it work? Simply click on an image to make that singer "wail"! Today's instalment features Divas pitching a belt an octave above middle C (a C5). Have fun comparing, combining and judging.

Be aware that I haven't figured out how to make the clip(s) stop playing once another picture is pressed. So the likelihood of you generating a headache increases exponentially the longer you spend poking pictures.

Needless to say, I'll likely be doing this with other notes, as well as adding more C5 singing Divas to this post (suggest Divas in the comments).


Disclaimer -This been tested on all the latest browsers- Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer- on a PC. If this doesn't work on a Mac, tablet or phone note that I.Do.not.Care! It was trouble enough getting this to work at all, what with no web space and limited coding skills!!

A Soundcloud of the clips in order (left to right) for those who the buttons aren't working for:

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