Saturday 22 August 2015

[New Music] Celine Dion - "L'hyme"

Y'all craving some new Celine Dion? Then pin back those lugholes and take a listen to this, her latest offering L'hymne. The sharper ones might notice that title ain't here no English, dagnabbit. And youz be right! This here be a French ditty taken from that here movin' picture thing-y, La Guerre Des Tuques.


L'hyme also features a guest vocalist (or it might be she who is guesting) in Fred Pellerin. Don't know who he is (excuse my ignorance), but this a gentle and featherweight ballad that makes me reminisce about simpler times- sigh. There is no high-octave belting - which is actually good since it wouldn't have suited the light production- but Celine does give us some mid-belts and head voice-y/ falsetto-ish notes.


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