Wednesday 2 September 2015

[Discuss] Nominate Your Song Of 2015 (So Far)

For someone, like me, who does not have an option for "most played song" on his music player- Winamp for lyfe- this is going to be tough. Couple that with having the memory of a cream cake, it may end up being near enough impossible. However, you dolls are a smarter bunch, so this question of simple recall should be easier for you.

The question I'm posing for today's "discuss" post, since we're coming into the closing part of the year, is: what has been your song(s) of 2015?  In my weak-ass mind I don't remember it being a particularly good vintage- this run down of the biggest hits so far doesn't change that opinion- but hopefully I'll be proven wrong by your replies. These don't have to be massive hits, or chart toppers, just music that was released this year.

I'm going to add some of the Diva-related songs, from 2015, that I've been rinsing in recent months to get the ball rolling.


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