Friday 4 December 2015

Monica Naranjo Returns with the Uber Dramatic "Jamás"

Are you ready to have your head blown off? No? Then maybe you should sit this one out, ya weenie. For the brave, press play and listen to the musical equivalent of a tornado forming, touching down and going on a rampage through your mind.

Monica Naranjo, a Diva with a voice that could level mountains, has returned with Jamás, a track that shockingly manages to capture the drama it so often channels. Think strings, choirs, rock guitar and climaxes at every turn, and you're somewhere close to what you are about to behold. Buckle up!

Now, being a thicko, the lyrics were lost on me. Site regular Artaserse was kind enough to enlighten me a little, translating the chorus and explaining how they allude to a story of " ...a mother whose child was killed, and transforms into an avenging spirit of divine justice (retribution)". Of course when listening to a song, understanding the lyric is an important factor in forming an overall opinion. But so effective is the emoting and production here, that regardless of language barriers, the journey from loss to defiant strength was still communicated to this listener. And I might say made even more thrilling because I had no understanding of the words.

Artaserse went on to offer an insight into Monica's stunning vocal:

There are no banshee/harpy soprano top notes, with the range stretching from C3 to F5 (So yes, her lowest note so far, as part of the second voice during one of the verses). But in that 2 octaves and a P4 she gives amazing variety of vocal colors, and goes back and forth between contemporary and operatic vocal placements. Finally she ends on a belted C5 so solid it sounds like a true dramatic mezzo-soprano, though her belting in the passaggio area still rings like a true dramatic soprano.

Jamás is a tour de force and a fitting release to mark the return of one of the most bombastic vocalists out there. Could it be that finally I am succumbing to this Diva's spell! The real test will come when I hear what other goodies are contained within its housing LP, Lubna.

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