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Tuesday 8 November 2016

[Watch] Monica Naranjo Covers "Amazing Grace"

Amazing Grace is a hymn we have heard covered time and time again. From pop to rock, this John Newton-penned message of redemption has touched many, and been tackled in almost every way imaginable. However, today comes the day we see how powerhouse vocalist, Monica Naranjo chose to tackle it.

It may surprise some of y'all.

Friday 4 December 2015

Monica Naranjo Returns with the Uber Dramatic "Jamás"

Are you ready to have your head blown off? No? Then maybe you should sit this one out, ya weenie. For the brave, press play and listen to the musical equivalent of a tornado forming, touching down and going on a rampage through your mind.

Monica Naranjo, a Diva with a voice that could level mountains, has returned with Jamás, a track that shockingly manages to capture the drama it so often channels. Think strings, choirs, rock guitar and climaxes at every turn, and you're somewhere close to what you are about to behold. Buckle up!

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Monica Naranjo - Vocal Profile/ Range

Vocal TypeSoprano
Vocal Range: 4 Octaves and a semitone 7 notes D3-Eb7
Whistle Register: Yes
Vocal Pluses: Strong, full, robust voice with brilliant control and support demonstrated throughout the registers. Has a dark, heavy midrange belt that is a marked contrast to her bright, light and higher range mixed belt which allows her incredibly to sing up to a C6. Her head voice is warm, thick and strong, with an operatic quality to it.
Vocal Negatives: Voice struggles a little on the lower notes.