Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Brandy Starts 2016 Right With New Music, "Beggin' & Pleadin'"

Yes, Brandy, this is how you celebrate the new year: With a fresh sound and an exciting surprise release!

Beggin' & Pleadin' is serving up some Deep South Blues, with a dirty guitar lick and one of the Diva's best vocals to date! The trademark runs and layered harmonies have been reigned in significantly, and her tone kept solidified and within a narrower range throughout. Some may moan that her wings have been clipped, but to me the vocal is so much more focused and effective for it. There's no distractions or busyness, just raw emotion.

Of course, this being Brandy, she has to have some electronic touches. And that comes courtesy of an excellently placed 808 from producers Pop & Oak. Its addition- which is sure to keep old fans on side- marries nicely with the rolling guitar riff, imparting Beggin' & Pleadin' with a classic but modern feel.

A few more tracks like this, Brandy, and that train journey from Cringetown will be quickly forgiven and forgotten.


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