Friday, 4 March 2016

Kelly Clarkson Slays with Emotional Performance of "Piece by Piece" on American Idol

This probably wasn't something I needed to see at this particular point, but I foolishly just watched Kelly Clarkson's emotional, live rendition of Piece by Piece on Idol. *Tears*

Already one of my favourites off of the album, this live showing at American Idol took the already emotional song to another level. Clearly affected by it all, Kelly was visibly upset at points, stopping and starting the vocal as she struggled to compose herself. How they all resisted rushing the stage to comfort her is beyond me. I was near enough hugging my monitor!

Being the sweet person that she is, Kelly apologised at its conclusion, putting it all down to her pregnancy. However, there was no need, as it made the lyrics and message behind the song that much more impactful. The audience were clearly moved- as was I- and showed their support by chanting the Diva's name.

Another career defining moment for the American Idol winner, and in the show's final season, no less. There's something poetic about that.

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