Tuesday 17 May 2016

[Watch] Trailer for Mariah Carey's New Reailty Series Airs On YouTube

You must have heard by now that Mariah Carey fired her old management team. Well the replacement squad clearly hit the ground running, getting the Diva back on the road and back into shape (vocally and physically).

Next stop on their rebrand of the Queen of the '90s, is to (I assume) make her seem "normal" and somewhat relatable.  And what better, and quicker, way to do that than a reality show on the network that gave us the iconic Kardashian brood.

Taken from E!’s  own blurb of the eight-episode series, entitled Mariah's World :

Mariah’s World takes viewers beyond the flashbulbs and fame and into the private life of singer, songwriter and mega-producer Mariah Carey. It will give viewers VIP access to the songstress like never before as she begins her “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” tour of the United Kingdom, Europe and Africa, all while planning her wedding to Australian business mogul, James Packer.
My thoughts: It'll tell us nothing new about the Diva what.so.ever.  It'll be the same ol' clich├ęs:
Mariah writes her own songs. Mariah produces her own songs. Mariah's normal. Mariah's biracial and had to struggle growing up. Mariah's kids are her life. No real discussion on her voice other than it's God given and saved her life... you all know the drill. Nothing wrong with any of those things, but after the fifty billionth time, it gets dry.

Still, I'm sure Mariah’s World will be fun to watch, and will do doubt spawn "moments" that'll be gif-ed to the high heavens. And there's no better way in this day and age to be relevant than as a meme or gif.



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