Monday, 6 June 2016

What are You "Currently Listening Intently To"?

Probably just me, but boy does it feel like there's been a glut in Diva related news/music/live showings. Maybe you guys can give me some much needed life with your C.L.I.T selections today.

For me, Ariana Grande's new album has been keeping me company during the drought. I had written a track-by-track, first listen review, but since those thoughts on Dangerous Woman have changed with multiple listens, I think it'd be pointless to post now.

Still, here's two of my favourite songs from the LP. Leave me Lonely features an odd pairing in Macy Gray, but somehow it works. Sounding like a Bond theme, the track successfully creates a grown up sound for the Diva. Her Future-feature is also a friend of mine. I think to others it might come off flat, but it gets under my skin, making me want to dance obscenely.

What are you Currently Listening Intently To?

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